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Careers: IT Hiring Still Strong

Thirteen percent of CIOs expect to hire new IT workers in the coming quarter

Careers: Despite Favorable Job Market, IT Pros Stay Put

IT pros have long endured the slings and arrows of an employer’s marketplace. The tables are turning, but there’s still considerable disparity between the thoughts and perceptions of hiring managers and prospective job seekers.

2006 ESJ Salary Survey, Part 1: Salaries Grow for All IT Staff Positions

In the first of our four-part report, we look at compensation growth for professional positions.

Maximize the Value of Your EA Program

Facilitate coordinated change throughout your organization by establishing a comprehensive enterprise architecture (EA) program.

5 Practical Tips for Enterprise Architects

Enterprise architects are poised uniquely to make distributed development more effective. Apply five practical strategies to communicate effectively and drive business forward.

Execs reveal top IT problems in IT governance study

The top two IT-related problems are operational incidents and staffing issues, according to a global survey commissioned by the IT Governance Institute.

Training: Commitment to IT Pros Still Low

Even companies that have embraced next-generation mainframe workloads often give short shrift to the question of training. What gives?

App dev jobs start to recover from outsourcing binge

The application development space has been hard hit by outsourcing, but there's been a recovery of sorts over the last 12 months.

Careers: IT Employment Rebounds

It’s worth remembering how much the employment outlook has improved in the last half decade—and how far we have still to go

Careers: Strong Demand Continues for Information Security Jobs

With information security increasingly a boardroom-level concern, job prospects continue to be good, according to a new study. Training and certification are becoming increasingly important for candidates and companies alike.

Collaboration Tools Go the Distance

Software development managers have discovered that the right tools and techniques can make globally dispersed teams nearly as effective as under-one-roof, traditional teams.

Saving Money from Outsourcing Beats Expertise

Cost savings from outsourcing development trump acquiring special expertise, according to a new survey by Evans Data, a market research firm.

Risk Management: From Adversity to Advantage

Many enterprises, and IT teams specifically, are implementing sophisticated risk-mitigation strategies that let them better understand and more effectively manage the risks they face.

Skilled Labor is Biggest Challenge Facing IT

The biggest challenge today’s IT organizations face isn’t selecting the right technologies—it’s finding skilled developers to perform complex, multi-platform integration tasks, often involving legacy systems. That need, in turn, is helping drive the outsourcing of application development.

ANALYST SPEAK: Outsourcing is not just for cutting costs anymore

Outsourcing is not just for cutting costs anymore, according to the 2005 Global IT Outsourcing Study from DiamondCluster. Instead, enterprises should, and are beginning to, see it as part of an overall strategy.

Thinkpiece: Think before pushing development offshore

Sending software development offshore is what everyone wants to do, but sometimes it's not the right way to go.

Big Changes Coming for IT, Says Gartner Analyst

Technology and organizational changes are coming in every area of IT, and they are going to have a profound impact on virtually all of the 11 million IT professionals around the world—and eventually, everyone, everywhere.

The BPO Problem: Data Integration

Today, Informatica is embracing a broader definition of data integration that includes operational data integration—things like data migration and consolidation, building operational data stores, synchronization among different databases and master data management.

Q&A: Testing is moving away from IT

Sukant Srivastava is vice president of global services for Keane in Boston, where he directs a team that develops global application outsourcing products. In this interview with ADT, he examines the differences between traditional and outsourced testing and why outsourced testing services are a better fit for most companies.

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