New App Dev Platforms for the Resourceful Enterprise

Newly extended enterprise resource planning systems give developers the flexibility to use ERPs as application development platforms for building service-oriented architectures.

New Business Rules to Live By

Business rules management technologies, which separate the logic behind a business decision from the mechanics of carrying it out, simplify development and promise business users greater ability to manage changes to business processes.

No Time for Open Source in the Service-Enabled Enterprise

Although SOAs built on open-source apps are still rare, they’re inevitable for the same reasons open-source Web and app servers have become the platforms of choice for other development projects.

McNealy Expresses an Urge to Merge OSes

Sun Exec Pens Chief-to-Chief Letter to H-P's Hurd

World-champion architectures in training

If there’s a constant in this month’s issue, it’s that big-time enterprises are looking for service-oriented architectures to give them the ability to float and sting like Ali.

Specs are Bad?

Some level-headedness on the role that specs play in programming

The Crypto Rat Pack

Ubergeeks Hold Forth at RSA

The Silent Cat Strikes Back

A couple of examples of "learn as you go" UIs in action

The License! The License!

The beta release of some truly ground-breaking, ultra-hi-tech software is met with... bickering about the license.

The Silent Cat Principle of UI Design

Less is more, except when what's there is already too little (as in most existing UIs)

When the Cat Goes Quiet... It's Time to Listen

What we can learn from Garfield’s abject un-funniness

RSA Opening Keynoters

Gates Packs ‘em in; McNealy Shows up with a Message

Linux for Windows users (literally)

Two options for running Linux on your Windows desktop

RSA and OSBC: It's a trade show double header

Info security geekfest runs concurrently with open-source business show

Got a Job Interview? Don’t Forget to Get Dressed

Interview advice for the perplexed

Good Discussion on JavaLobby

Pros and cons of a central component repository for Java