Rich Internet Client Development gets Richer

OpenLaszlo 3.0, and IDE for Laszlo 2.0 - that'll do nicely sir...

Special Report: Web Analytics

What’s important on the Web is who you know.

Extreme programming for a rainy day

XP's failing is that it encourages software development without fully exploring the customer's requirements before teams begin coding.

Web Services: Standards Breed Like Crazy...

Asked to rate Web services standards according to how familiar they were, developers identified only a handful for which they had a working knowledge.

Q&A: Testing is moving away from IT

Sukant Srivastava is vice president of global services for Keane in Boston, where he directs a team that develops global application outsourcing products. In this interview with ADT, he examines the differences between traditional and outsourced testing and why outsourced testing services are a better fit for most companies.

How to Lose the Snooze of Working

If you’ve ever thought about trading in your programmer’s hat for a job of a different kind—any kind—this story’s for you. The truth is, lots of coders suffer from low morale in their workaday jobs, and while there aren’t any one-size-fits-all solutions to their problems, there are a few tricks they can employ to help snatch contentment from the jaws of frustration and tedium.

Proponents Push Business Rules, But Programmers Aren’t Buying, Yet

Business rules proponents recognize their vision—if not the technology—also can be a tough sell to the code jockeys on the other side of the great divide.

Case Study: sets up shop for developers

For years, has been the envy of Web site developers everywhere, offering up a monster search engine, a vast product catalog and buying services tailored to individual shoppers.

Web Services: Careful, It’s a Circus Out There...

Tricky security requirements and a lack of clear-cut standards make exposing applications as Web services a high-wire act.

There’s More to Java vs. .NET Than Technology

If one of your considerations in planning a .NET or J2EE project is finding developers with the right skill set, your location may be a factor.