Thinking about Web analytics?

If you’re considering a Web analytics product or service provider, Future Now, a consulting firm, recommends you consider these questions:

1. Do you want a software package or to work with an ASP? Companies need to consider cost, volume and technical integration.

2. If you’re considering an ASP, how many pages on your site must be tagged? Are the cookies from a third party? Can visitors be tagged with first-party cookies?

3. Is the solution scalable? Can it handle increasing volume load? Will you see latency in how fast pages load? Are there customizable degrees of insight and analysis?

4. How fast are reports produced? If you want a report for a non-predefined time range, can the software analyze the data independently of your time frame?

5. How often do you require updated reports? Are real-time reports necessary?

6. Is enough report data available to help you make decisions? Could you dig deeper into report data if you need to?

7. Have you tested the provider’s technical support? What hours is it available? Are there associated costs?

8. Does the provider offer education services and training, either on or off line?

9. Is there a simple way to test the product without a long-term commitment?

10. Does the vendor appear to have an ongoing commitment to research and development?

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About the Author

Kathleen Ohlson is senior editor at Application Development Trends magazine.