Kings of the World Wide Web

Forrester evaluates Web analytics tools by focusing on three areas: the vendor’s current execution, business strategy and market presence. Here’s how they rate the top sellers:

Sites with fast reflexes—Omniture or WebSideStory. In the features arms race, Omniture and WebSideStory are neck-and-neck. For media properties that can act immediately on site analytics, these two vendors win because of their real-time reporting.

Marketing organization—Coremetrics. While not in sole possession of the top spot this year, Coremetrics, with its superior data mining and segmentation, makes it the favorite here. Its focus on customer profile data and its connections to marketing partners make it a reliable hub for online marketing execution.

Price-driven buyers—Sane Solutions and Fireclick. Sane has built a reputation for reliable, no-nonsense products and support, and its licensed solution is an inexpensive alternative for firms that want to own their solutions. Fireclick, with a strong list of retail clients, becomes an even more attractive choice with its acquisition by Digital River.

Existing NetIQ/WebTrends users—WebTrends 7. After years of looking longingly at those bright, shiny, new ASPs, WebTrends customers now have a product they can be satisfied with: WebTrends 7.

Service-oriented Web sites—Coremetrics and WebSideStory. Although their scores are nearly identical, Coremetrics offers the premier behavioral analysis and segmentation tools. WebSideStory’s strong reporting is made more potent by its powerful interface to Microsoft Excel, which provides superior custom reporting capabilities.

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