Service-oriented Architectures: Tool time for service-oriented architectures

"New tools for an emerging class of app developers, who will create the B-school policies that drive SOAs, promise to help orgs mediate services and monitor their networks."

The Web Is the Platform

Online service providers such as eBay, Amazon, Google and Yahoo have recognized the bottomline value third-party app developers can bring to their platforms.

Word of the Year?

The Dictionary Dudes Miss the Boat

The 'Pizza Flyer' Approach to UI Design

Applying pizza flyer "aesthetics" (with more than a hint of irony) to UI design

A Cure for Corporate Alzheimer's?

Open... open... open...

Irrational Technology Selections

What do novelty, ego, fashion and ideology have in common? Answer: They're all causes of irrational technology selection!

Head First HTML+CSS

New book strengthens the Head First series

Mistakes About Ajax Mistakes

Elephants, tightropes and Ajax

Startup Watch


What Makes Software Successful? (part II)

Emotional software design

What Makes Software Successful? (part I)

Hint: Make your software likeable!

Magic Qualities of Face-to-Face Teaching... in a Book??

Capturing the qualities of a UML training course in book form

Manage e-mail and IM info-glut

As the use of e-mail and instant messaging for business communications has grown, so too has another problem: storing and managing that content.

I, Smartapp

Many of the problem-solving techniques such as adaptive learning and rule-based inferencing that power artificial intelligences and expert systems have gone mainstream.

We Have Trends of Our Own

Regular readers of Application Development Trends know we cover more of the application scene than development, despite the name. We regularly run articles on apps management, integration, innovation and more. That’s why, starting with next month’s issue, we’ll be operating under a new moniker: Application Trends. We’ll show off our new logo and tell you all about the name change in the January issue.

Process Is the Rationale for Open-Source Development

For many programmers, Rational Unified Process conjures up images of suits dashing around carrying three-ring binders bulging with forms, templates and checklists.

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