Mike's Rails Zone: Handling Many-to-Many Relationships in Rails

Mike Gunderloy walks you through the steps and code needed for handling this kind of relationship in the user interface.

UPDATED: Microsoft Targets Windows HPC Server 2008 for Mainstream

Microsoft released on Monday Windows HPC Server 2008, the datacenter-class operating system that promises to broaden the development and implementation of high-performance computing applications on the Windows platform.

Cloud Computing Leaving Relational Databases Behind

One thing you won't find underlying a cloud computing initiative is a relational database. And this is no accident: Relational databases are ill-suited for use within cloud computing environments.

Observers At ZendCon Ponder What's Next For Microsoft and PHP

Despite speculation that Microsoft might make an announcement around its Silverlight runtime environment at Zend/PHP Conference and Expo, the company's profile was lower than past events.

Cloud Computing: More Work for Admins

Alistair Croll, a principal analyst for consulting coalition BitCurrent, argues that moving to Internet-based Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings, "won't eliminate work [but will] just change the work," for IT administrators.

SQL Injection Attack Hits BusinessWeek Site

Security firm Sophos disclosed on Monday that BusinessWeek magazine's Web site had been hacked.

Citrix Releases XenServer 5

On the first day of VMware's VMworld conference happening in Las Vegas this week, Citrix Systems -- a competitor of VMware that's also at the conference -- announced the release of XenServer 5, the latest version of its server virtualization solution.

VMworld Preview: VMware's Vision of Virtualization as the OS

The annual VMworld user conference gets underway today in Las Vegas, with the event's host betting big on a new strategy that redefines its market-leading virtualization management products.

Web Sites Rife with Unpatched Vulnerabilities

Although the overall number of vulnerabilities being discovered in software appears to be leveling off or even dropping, two recent reports on Web security say that the overwhelming majority of Web sites studied still have unpatched vulnerabilities that could expose visitors to malicious code.

iTunes App Store: Mobile Revolution?

Will a paradigm shift rock the mobile application industry if the iTunes App Store strikes a chord with users?

Security Software: How Suite It Is

The writing's on the wall, it seems, for purveyors of security point solutions. Gone is the day of the best-of-breed anti-virus, firewall, e-mail security or encryption vendors. These days, it's a security suite play.

IT Spending Rises Despite Tough Economic Times

Last week, market watcher Gartner Inc. issued a report in which it projected that IT spending should eclipse $3.4 trillion this year. That's a year-over-year growth rate of 8 percent.

Analyst: Beware of the Google Gadgets

One fun thing about the interactive world of Web 2.0 is the online applications you can take advantage of, such as Google Gadgets.

DNS May Be Patched, but Danger Still Lurks

We dodged a bullet last month -- the discovery of a fundamental flaw in the Domain Name System, Dan Kaminsky told a standing-room only (and some sitting on the floor) crowd at the Black Hat Briefings Wednesday.

Coreflood Trojan Stole 500G of Personal Financial Data

A cache of stolen data gathered from a botnet that has been quietly sweeping up information for years contained the user names and passwords for 8,485 bank accounts.

AT&T Delves into Cloud Computing

AT&T has introduced a new hosted service that offers online storage, processing power and enterprise applications.

Black Hat Researchers Overcome Security Learning Curve

The Black Hat Briefings return to Caesars Palace this week with a new batch of hands-on security research for a crowd of 4,000 IT administrators, hackers, industry experts and government officials.

IBM Makes Large Cloud-Computing Investment

IBM Corp. late last week touted the construction of two additional cloud computing datacenters -- an investment of $360 million -- which let it address what officials call "surging" demand for cloud computing resources.

Virtualization Showdown at Black Hat

Next week at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, security researcher Joanna Rutkowska promises to demonstrate how a malicious attacker, working remotely, could take control of the open-source Xen virtualization software.

First Instance of New DNS Exploit Reported

Reports are coming in that an AT&T Domain Name System (DNS) server may have been compromised with malicious code that exploits a vulnerability reported earlier this month. This apparently is the first instance of the exploit in the wild.