SingularityCE Now Accessible for Enterprise Linux

High-performance container runtime technology provider Sylabs announced this week that its SingularityCE offering is now accessible for Enterprise Linux users through the Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL) repository.

Maintained since 2017 by Sylabs and supported by a community of developers, Singularity is an open-source container runtime designed for users who run mission-critical data science, artificial intelligence (AI), and compute-driven analytics on performance-intensive systems. The widely-adopted runtime implements a unique security model to mitigate privilege escalation risks and provides a platform for capturing a complete application environment into a single file.

SingularityCE is container technology developed by Sylabs for users who need the flexibility to package complex applications and libraries into one scalable container that can be moved to different systems/hardware environments without breaking, and while maintaining security protocols, the company explained in a statement.

Singularity’s unique security model, which was built for mitigating privilege escalation risks in multi-tenant environments while still being able to capture a complete application environment into a single file, makes it an ideal solution for advanced computing workflows, the company says.

"Many developers in enterprises with growing performance-intensive computing needs are finding that the container tools that they’re familiar with aren’t built for the needs of larger, scale-out environments," said Adam Hughes, CTO of Sylabs, in a statement. "…It's now easier than ever for developers using Enterprise Linux to access the powerful container technology that researchers, scientists and engineers engaged in the world’s most cutting-edge research use to simplify the movement of their applications across environments, spanning from laptops and complex cloud environments to sophisticated HPC computing systems."

Sylabs is providing SingularityCE as open-source. The company provides licensing, enterprise-level support, professional services, cloud services, and value-added tooling to support it, the company says. These services and tools include compliance and risk management, defined product life cycles for planning refreshes and upgrades, an easy onramp to adoption and system management through per-node licenses, and long-term support for stability and reliability.


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