Zulu Mission Control 7.0 Goes GA

Azul Systems announced this week the general availability of Zulu Mission Control 7.0, the Java performance management and application profiling tool based on the OpenJDK Mission Control project. The free tool is designed to work with Azul's Zing JVM and its Zulu build of OpenJDK, and it supports both Java SE 8 and 11.

Zulu Mission Control is a certified build of the OpenJDK Mission Control project, which was originally developed by Oracle and then open sourced as part of OpenJDK 11. It runs on Windows, Linux and macOS-based desktops. Commercial support is included with all Zing and Zulu Enterprise subscriptions.

Zulu Mission Control monitors Java-based systems in production using Flight Recorder, a very low-overhead method of collecting and storing performance and profiling data from running Java applications. It uses logs from prior runs of the apps to perform detailed analysis and troubleshooting. Flight Recorder was also was open sourced by Oracle as part of the OpenJDK 11 project, and Azul subsequently backported the code to support Java 8 and incorporated into its Zing, Zulu Enterprise, and Zulu Embedded offerings.

"Zulu Mission Control is a 100 percent open source, best-in-breed profiling and monitoring tool that helps Java developers and DevOps teams track, monitor, and debug Java-based applications," said Scott Sellers, Azul Systems president and CEO. "We're excited to be bringing this powerful and flexible tool to the Java Community, and we look forward to extending its capabilities in cooperation with the OpenJDK project."

Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Azul bills itself as the only vendor focused exclusively on the Java and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The Zing JVM is based on Oracle's HotSpot, a core component of Java SE. Zing is a "no-pause" JVM designed to eliminate Garbage Collection (GC) pauses, a long-standing challenge for Java developers. This pauselessness, which Azul calls "generational pauseless garbage collection" (GPGC), enables Java app instances to scale dynamically and reliably. Sellers has called GC "the Achilles heel of Java."

Zulu Mission Control 7.0 is free to use and available now for download.

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