Parasoft Updates Automated Testing with Enhanced AI and Machine Learning

Last week Parasoft launched a new version of its SOAtest automated testing tool featuring enhanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning functionality.

Previously, within the testing industry, the test creation process has remained largely manual, as the focus has been on automating testing itself. SOAtest changes this thanks to the enhanced machine capabilities built into its Smart API Test Generator.

Introduced in May, the Smart API Test Generator took a big step in this direction by providing organizations with the ability to create meaningful API test scenarios automatically using AI to understand how their APIs are being used as their applications are exercised from the UI.

With the new version of SOAtest, the product can transform existing test artifacts into security and performance tests, the company says, and build a foundation of automated tests that can be executed as part of Continuous Integration and DevOps pipelines.

Theresa Lanowitz, founder and head analyst at market research firm voke, commented on the update: "With this product release, Parasoft continues to focus on innovation and advancing the role of the software quality professional through new technology [delivering] better business outcomes," she said in a statement. "AI and ML are critical components in enabling software quality professionals to take a proactive role in solving complex enterprise problems."

The new version of SOAtest also bolsters AI-driven test creation by allowing testers to train the Smart API Test Generator to create test scenarios based on the rules an organization uses to define how it tests its business logic. By adding this additional logic into the traffic-parsing process, the tool learns the relationships among different test steps, so it can intelligently connect them into scenario-based regression suites. "Leveraging this technology ensures that API test inventories will be efficient, consistent, and change-resistant," the company said.

More information is available on the Parasoft Web site here.

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