MongoDB Goes Mobile, Supports Kubernetes, Adds Serverless Platform

MongoDB Inc. announced a host of new offerings and improvements to its commercial offerings based on the open source MongoDB project, including a mobile database, new support for Kubernetes container orchestration and a new serverless platform.

The company announced all of the above and more at this week's annual MongoDB World 2018 user conference, highlighted by advancements to its new flagship MongoDB 4.0 offering, a document-oriented NoSQL database. Those include the general availability of multi-document ACID transactions.

On other fronts, the company announced a new mobile offering in beta. MongoDB Mobile lets organizations put data in places such as the edge of Internet of Things (IoT) assets and iOS and Android mobile devices. "MongoDB Mobile provides a single database, query language, and the intuitive Stitch SDK that runs consistently for data held on mobile clients, through to the backend server," the company said in a blog post.

That Stich SDK reference relates to MongoDB Stitch, the company's new serverless platform, which is now generally available to facilitate the rapid development of mobile and Web applications. It features: the Stitch QueryAnywhere service for use by developers creating mobile and Web apps; Stitch Functions that leverage JavaScript functions in the serverless environment; Stitch Triggers, real-time notifications that automatically invoke functions in response to database changes; and the beta Stitch Mobile Sync, to automatically sync local data stored in a MongoDB Mobile database with the back-end.

Using MongoDB Mobile, Stitch and Atlas to Build End-to-End Apps
[Click on image for larger view.] Using MongoDB Mobile, Stitch and Atlas to Build End-to-End Apps (source: MongoDB)

Another beta offering is the new MongoDB Kubernetes Operator, which the company said supports the provisioning of stateful, distributed database clusters and coordinates the orchestration between the company's MongoDB Ops Manager and Kubernetes, a rising open source container orchestration platform.

The company also announced new features for MongoDB Atlas, its managed automated cloud service that targets agile development teams and works on the Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) clouds. Regarding the latter cloud, MongoDB said it partnered with Google to extend the Atlas Free Tier to GCP. The service also received multiple enhancements, including encryption key management, LDAP integration, and database-level auditing.

MongoDB said its general-purpose database platform has been downloaded more than 40 million times.

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