Bugsee Fulfills Requests for Xamarin Support in Mobile Bug/Crash Reporter

Bugsee said developers have asked for Xamarin support in the company's mobile bug and crash reporter and it's on the way, currently in beta.

"The most requested feature by Bugsee users has been support for the mobile application development platform, Xamarin," the company said yesterday. "Currently in beta, Xamarin support will go-live in coming weeks and join the growing list of development frameworks and SDK plugins supported by Bugsee, including iOS, Android, Cordova and React Native."

Other new features include instant feedback to developers about incidents, letting them actually talk to users within an app. "The Feedback feature preserves all necessary context including user concerns and complaints," the company said. "Communication has also been simplified with easy integrations with existing workflows including 22 different bug trackers and with popular collaboration tools like JIRA, Trello and Slack. New integrations include, Basecamp,, DaPulse, FreshDesk and Nozbe."

Bugsee claims to be the only firm in its space whose solution can continuously capture video of user interactions in live apps (via its "flight recorder") to provide more information on bugs or crashes. That information -- which can be shared with a bug tracker of choice -- also includes console logs, network traffic (including body) along with metrics for user growth, app stability and version adoption rates.

Bugsee in Action
[Click on image for larger view.] Bugsee in Action (source: Bugsee)

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