Kyvos Self-Service Big Data Platform Boosts SQL Support

Expanded SQL support is among many improvements to the new Kyvos 4.0 platform, for BI on Big Data with Hadoop, Spark and cloud platforms.

Kyvos Insights today announced Kyvos 4.0, incorporating more than 35 new features in addition to better support for SQL-based analytics. The Los Gatos, Calif., company specializes in integrating its platform with major BI tools.

It emerged from stealth in 2015 with a Big Data solution based on online analytics processing (OLAP). It has since expanded its platform, and the new release adds better SQL connectivity in addition to the existing support for MDX, a query language used with OLAP.

"In addition to MDX connectivity, Kyvos 4.0 provides SQL connectivity to query its cubes," the company says on its "what's new" site. "As a result, enterprises can use the BI visualization tool of their choice with response time in seconds. Kyvos supports all major BI tools including Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Qlik, Microstrategy, IBM Cognos, SAP Business Objects and Microsoft Excel."

Kyvos Insights says it lets BI analysts conduct self-service Big Data analytics, working with multidimensional data cubes that can contain huge amounts of information.

The Kyvos Platform
[Click on image for larger view.] The Kyvos Platform (source: Kyvos)

In addition to expanded SQL support, other listed improvements include:

  • Scale-out architecture for concurrent access
  • Support for elastic deployments
  • Data cubes at unprecedented scale
  • Enhanced support for BI tools with instant response times
  • Enterprise-wide access to Big Data with an eye towards security

"Enterprises today are looking to take advantage of the insights that emerge from the analysis of vast amounts of information in data lakes," the company quoted analyst John L. Myers at Enterprise Management Associates as saying. "However, the desired benefits of business intelligence on Big Data are pushing traditional business intelligence tools to the breaking point due to a lack of scalability and slow response times. Kyvos 4.0 enables organizations to implement BI on Big Data that provides the scale, flexibility and speed of implementation that organizations need."

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