Appdome Joins AppConfig Community for Enterprise Mobility Tools, Best Practices

Appdome, a mobile integration specialist, has joined the AppConfig Community, formed last year to foster best practices and tools in order to boost enterprise mobility efforts.

The AppConfig Community was formed by several companies in February 2016 with the aim of simplifying and accelerating enterprise mobility initiatives through consistent and open development and configuration of secure apps.

Specifically, the group's site says, it's "a community focused on providing tools and best practices around native capabilities in mobile operating systems to enable a more consistent, open and simple way to configure and secure mobile apps in order to increase mobile adoption in business."

Its reported benefits include instant mobile productivity and a seamless out-of-the box experience for users, while enterprises can get a boost from secure work-ready apps with minimal setup required, helping them leverage existing investments in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), VPN and identity products.

"AppConfig's best practice feature-set can now be automatically integrated in apps via the Appdome platform, all without any code or coding," Appdome announced last week. "App publishers (ISVs) and enterprise app developers can add AppConfig to apps in seconds, empowering customers to deploy AppConfig-enabled apps via any mobile device management (MDM) solution. Appdome for AppConfig provides ISVs a fast path to embrace industry standards, with zero impact to development resources or priorities."

Appdome for AppConfig
[Click on image for larger view.] Appdome for AppConfig (source: Appdome)

The company's new Appdome for AppConfig initiative can help to significantly increase the reach and usefulness of business-oriented commercial apps created for the enterprise via a one-click implementation, its site says.

Its listed features include:

  • App configuration: Leveraging native OS-level APIs, apps can auto-configure URLs, ports, e-mail addresses and more to simplify the app setup process for end users and alleviate help desk and documentation burden caused by manual setup.
  • App tunnel: Using per-app VPN, app users can access Web services behind a corporate firewall.
  • Single Sign On: AppConfig Community specifies the best practice for an app to leverage open authentication standards and configurations using a MDM solution to facilitate a seamless single sign on experience.
  • Security policies: Apps can use security policies that work across MDM vendors, including data at rest encryption, passcodes, document sharing, app backup, disable screen capture, remote app wiping and disable clipboard and copy-paste.

"Manually implementing and maintaining AppConfig takes a lot of work," Appdome quoted customer Oren Ariel at Capriza as saying. "Appdome for AppConfig supports ISVs, allowing more app makers to embrace AppConfig without code or coding."

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