Twitter Adds Real-Time Analytics to Mobile App Tool

Twitter has added real-time analytics to its tool for tracking mobile app performance.

That tool, the Fabric mobile app, incorporates functionality from the company's Fabric mobile app development platform, which features a Crashlytics kit, for identifying and dealing with problems, and Answers, for tracking promoted and organic app installs driven by Twitter.

The company last February launched the Fabric mobile app to help mobile developers track the performance of their apps with their iOS or Android smartphones wherever they were, even out of the office.

"Since then, many of you have requested more functionality within our app that can help you dive deeper into your data and understand how your apps are growing," the company said in a blog post last week.

Now, Twitter is infusing more real-time analytics into the app's functionality, instantly tracking metrics such as daily active users (DAU), monthly active users (MAU) and customer retention.

"Today, we're releasing a major upgrade to the app: the ability to drill into your most impactful adoption and stability metrics, such as DAU, MAU and retention, to stay on top of your new releases -- all in real-time," the company said.

The Twitter Fabric App
[Click on image for larger view.] The Twitter Fabric App (source: Twitter)

"With today's update, you can now quickly understand how your app's user activity is changing over time by drilling into the daily active users graph," Twitter continued. "We'll show you how many new users you are acquiring every day. By benchmarking your active and new users against the same time last week, you can immediately understand how your app is growing."

To start using the new real-time functionality, developers only have to update their Fabric app through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, Twitter said.

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