Monitoring Service Adds Mobile App Performance Management

Site24x7 announced it has added mobile Application Performance Management (APM) functionality to its cloud monitoring service for DevOps and IT operations, providing real-time performance insights for native Android and iOS apps.

"Mobile APM enables iOS and Android developers to proactively manage their mobile apps and get complete visibility into mobile application behavior, helping resolve performance issues that affect end-user experience," Site24x7 said in a statement Tuesday.

The new functionality lets developers analyze mobile app responsiveness, monitoring the response time and throughput of individual user transactions. "To provide end users with a seamless mobile experience, developers need data on application response times and device details such as operating system, browser and device," the company said.

Along with the mobile features, the company addressed the Web side of things by adding Real User Monitoring (RUM) capabilities to track the application experience of users working with Web apps, helping to visualize Web app interaction patterns.

Site24x7 said by integrating the new services, its all-in-one monitoring solution now covers the full data path on desktop browsers and native mobile apps. The company also provides cloud monitoring, server monitoring, network monitoring, Web site performance monitoring and other services.

"It's critical to visualize exactly how end users interact with apps or Web sites and to analyze app performance from a specific geographical location, device or platform," the company said. "Without in-depth visibility into critical performance metrics from both the browser and server side, developers are in the dark as to where bottlenecks are created, thereby adding complexity in fine tuning app performance."

The Pleasanton, Calif., company said its end-user experience monitoring is conducted from more than 50 locations around the world and works with various wireless carriers. Pricing details are available here.

About the Author

David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.