Eclipse Java Packages Easily Pushed to the Cloud

Genuitec has expanded its cloud footprint with an update of its SDC Cloud Connect platform that uses a simple push technology to allow Java developers to speed their established Eclipse packages to the cloud for "instant sharing and backup." 

The newly expanded SDC Cloud Connect provides Java developers with a way to make their existing, already customized Eclipse packages available in the cloud. The company is calling it "a natural path" to an environment in which sharable Eclipse packages can be synchronized and updated easily within dev teams, even eliminating the need for wiki pages. Eclipse Java configurations and packages can also be backed up and archived on the Genuitec-hosted cloud, making it possible to rollback or update major version changes.

SDC Cloud Connect is a free platform built on top of Genuitec's Secure Delivery Center Private Cloud. It evolved from the company's Pulse cloud management solution, which it replaced in July. It adds the capabilities of the company's Secure Delivery Center, its Eclipse-based public cloud software. 

SDC Cloud Connect also comes with a catalog of common Eclipse plug-ins that can be dragged and dropped into their packages. And by allowing for the installation of additional software not currently in the catalog, the platform provides a channel for easy on-ramping of developers' existing IDEs.

Users gain access to the free SDC Cloud Connect by logging in with their established social network credentials, or with private login, to gain access through socialization of usage via Twitter with a personalized URL or with the hashtag #SDCCloud. They earn "social credits" to expand their access.

The Flower Mound, Texas-based company is a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation, and probably best-known as the creator of the MyEclipse Java EE integrated development environment (IDE). MyEclipse is both a Java EE IDE and a Web development tool suite for the Eclipse platform. The company promotes the tool for developers using UML, JSP, XML, Struts, JSF, and EJBs. It supports Ajax, Web Services development, Java Persistence, extended database support, and application server integration. The company is a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation.

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