U.S. Military Turning to SOA

Even the U.S. government is looking to jump on the service-oriented architecture (SOA) bandwagon.

According to, the United States Marine Corp. is actively seeking vendors to advise the military branch on the development and governance of SOA.

"The corps has published a request for information April 2 that seeks insight, ideas, initiatives and processes," reported's Michael Hardy. "The corps would like to implement SOA at the enterprise level -- which the service defines as everything external to the Marine Air Ground Task Force -- and as far down into the tactical level as possible."

According to Hardy, the Marines are cautious of the problems of implementing SOA, particularly considering the mission-critical requirements of its technology infrastructure.

"If not implemented correctly, the transition to a SOA will greatly disrupt operations at the tactical and enterprise level, increase costs, and adversely effect [sic] combat efficiency," stated Hardy, as quoted in the Marine's request for information (RFI), published on April 2.

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