SOA Product Watch: Composite Server Upgrade, IONA Early Testing, More

Earlier this month, Composite Software announced a new version of its enterprise data integration solution Composite Information Server. According to the company, the new version, 4.6, offers a number of new features, including SOAP/JMS support, improved collaboration tools and a 64-bit native Java Virtual Machine for improved performance with "large, complex" queries.

"Data virtualization, like its server, applications and storage virtualization counterparts, is proving an excellent, non-invasive strategy for delivering better agility and lower total cost of ownership," commented Composite Software Chairman and CEO Jim Green in a statement released with the announcement.

More information on this product can be found here.

Other recent SOA-related releases of note include:

  • IONA this month announced the Interface Simulation and Testing Framework (ISTF), a new element of its Artix SOA infrastructure line of products that allows for early testing of implementations by "simulat[ing] end-to-end distributed application scenarios" and showing "how individual components will interface with each other in production."
  • This week OpenSpan released OpenSpan Platform SOA Desktop Edition, designed to let enterprises "rapidly integrate desktop, legacy, virtualized and rich Internet applications and the expression of those integrations as Web services."
  • Visionet Systems recently released the ESF.NET Rapid Development Toolkit, designed to allow financial institutions to "rapidly re-engineer their Microsoft technology based applications." Features of the toolkit include SOA-enabling components, customizable management console and integrated XML serialization, among others.

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