Lawson Release 9 provides SOA to unite Landmark apps with IBM’s middleware platform

By ADT Staff

Lawson Software today announced Lawson Release 9, which includes Lawson's new technology layer, enhanced business apps, strengthened business intelligence capabilities and enhanced business process management tools. Lawson Release 9 lays the foundation for a service-oriented architecture and prepares customers for Lawson's next-generation Landmark applications, according to a company statement.

The new release unites a number of Lawson tools under a single version, optimized on IBM's WebSphere, DB2 Universal Database and Tivoli software. The company touts cross-version compatibility for a rapid, low-cost and non-disruptive upgrade similar to a technology refresh.

Lawson System Foundation 9 (LSF 9) enables users to implement a variety of Lawson’s business management tools whose capabilities include workflow trend and supply chain management, capital efficiency management and fraud prevention. Lawson will also be adding new functionality designed primarily to facilitate compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley standards.

"Lawson has delivered an impressive package to the market, giving customers like us a clear path to an SOA future," says Sonia Burgin, project manager for Buncombe County, N.C., an early adopter of Lawson Release 9. "Lawson Release 9 helps us reduce IT complexity while giving us the flexibility we need to rapidly respond to changing needs."

The company expects to have the first product based on Landmark in the first half of 2006. With LSF 9’s SOA foundation in place, the company ultimately aims for the conversion of customers' current Lawson business applications to Landmark-based applications as they become available, Lawson says.