E-mail management tool landscape

In his Gartner “Magic Quadrant for E-mail Active Archiving Market” report in 2005, Chin identifies the following product requirements:

  • Capture and archive all e-mail messages entering and leaving the company, plus messages between users on an e-mail server, as unique indexed records
  • Provide access to the archive via a Web client and through the e-mail client
  • Include auditing to track access to archived records
  • Support the secure storage of increasingly large archives, offering multiple storage options for the archive, including disk, optical, write once/read many optical tape and emerging devices
  • Exploit hierarchical storage management to automatically prune the active e-mail data store for more efficient operation
  • Offer personal data store migration tools and temporary offline local store options to eliminate the storage of e-mail messages outside the control of the archive system
  • Include tools for sampling and management of the compliance process
  • Package or integrate with tools to manage the discovery process, narrowing the search and managing the steps needed to deliver records
  • Integrate a robust records retention management solution to manage the lifecycle of the records to ensure proper retention and deletion

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