Randomly accessed thoughts

The last thing anyone needs is cell phone yakkers on airplane flights. Even Cingular thinks it's a bad idea.


Isn't it time that the IT people who allow the bad guys to access credit card information, Social Security numbers and other confidential info get the opportunity to explain what happened to a federal court judge?


Doesn't Steve Jobs have any clothes other than black turtlenecks and jeans?


It's a bit ironic that Robert T. Morris, author of the infamous 1988 Internet worm, teaches a graduate-level class on distributed computer systems at M.I.T.


Does anyone really need Windows x64?


The best way to safeguard valuable information is not to put it on a network or in a delivery truck.


If everyone in the world had a PC and a fast Internet connection, just think how much quieter things would be.


If there's so much processing power built into automobiles these days, why can't they fix themselves?


I don't understand the growing popularity of podcasts.


I can live without Amazon, but I can't live without eBay.


I would never read an e-book.


When Microsoft releases IE with tabbed browsing, no one will use Firefox any more.


Remember when a terabyte of disk space seemed like a lot?


You can never have too much storage.


We can put a man on the moon, but we can't control spam.


I can't believe the number of people who have sent money to Nigeria just because they got an e-mail asking them to.

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