What do you know?

Congratulations to Patrick O'Brien of Hewitt, New Jersey, for being the first to give the correct answer to the question posed in the DE-CODER section of the April print edition of ADT.

The answer to the question, "Which one of the following is not an agile programming method":

  1. eXtreme Programming
  2. Diadactic Systems Development
  3. Scrum
  4. Feature Driven Development
  5. Crystal Orange

is Diadactic Systems Development. O'Brien will receive copies of Corporate Software Project Management by Guy W. Lecky-Thomson, and Integrating Agile Development in the Real World by Peter Schuh, both published by Charles River Media (2005).

Look to the May issue of ADT for next month's question. We'll post the answer on www.adtmag.com after we have a winner.