Innovator Awards 2005

For 11 years, Application Development Trends, through its Innovator Awards, has recognized IT departments that have successfully developed and implemented innovative applications that paid off with significant business and financial benefits.

This year’s judging, as in past years, was conducted by a team of 10 consultants from Keane, a highly regarded consulting and outsourcing firm based in Boston.

In their evaluations of the many applications submitted to ADT, the judges considered each project’s objectives, how the winners achieved these objectives, and the element of risk the winners took to build and deploy their projects.

This year, we have winners in six categories: data warehousing, open source, application engineering, e-business application development, middleware/application integration and component-based development.

If there is a common thread that runs through this year’s Innovator Awards, it is that every winner redesigned existing systems and processes and made them better. Rather than say “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” these IT teams said “We can do better,” then set out to prove it. All of them are excellent examples of how IT is essential to helping the enterprises and organizations that rely on them to achieve their business objectives.

Winner Profiles
Category: Open Source
Online gaming community 1Ups its competition

Category: Application Engineering
Winner: Towers Perrin
Towers Perrins delivers complex benefits, simply

Category: Middleware/Application Integration
Winner: Aeroplan
Aeroplan trades miles for rewards in real time

Category: Component-Based Development
Winner: Freddie Mac
Freddie Mac redesigns its processes to satisfy new customer needs

Category: Data Warehousing
Winner: Owens Corning
Owens Corning turns data into actionable information

Category: E-Business Application Development
Winner: California Department of Motor Vehicles
California's DMV creates rules for a developing road

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