New Products

Application Management/Deployment

Macrovision has delivered an edition of AdminStudio that integrates with Microsoft Systems Management Server. AdminStudio SMS Edition includes software packaging and customization tools, as well as a Web-based SMS console that enables system administrators to prepare, publish and distribute applications through SMS 2003, the company says. AdminStudio SMS Edition is available for download.

Macrovision Corporation
Santa Clara, Calif.


FarStone Technology's RestoreIT version 6.0 and RestoreIT Network Edition were developed for individual users and small to medium-size businesses. The hard disk backup and recovery solution features data backup, retrieval and restore functions.

Users can back up an entire system by creating a compressed archive of files, programs, partitions and security information to a hidden protected partition on the hard drive and to a CD or DVD.

After an accidental deletion, overwrite, virus attack, or Windows crash, users can access RestoreIT through Windows or by pressing the space bar during setup to restore lost files to their previous state or by rolling back the entire system to the last time the PC functioned properly.

FarStone Technology
Irvine, Calif.


Zones License Tracker is an online tool for keeping software licensing data up to date, and for remaining compliant using customizable reporting, renewal notifications and other features.

Zones License Tracker is part of ZonesConnect, a customizable virtual IT extranet solution for managing technology buying. ZonesConnect features online quotes, order tracking, reporting, and customized purchasing.

Zones Inc.
Auburn, Wash.


ArtinSoft has two new products to ease migrations from Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server. The PL/SQL Assessment Tool, a free product, identifies potential challenges and provides data to help users estimate the effort a migration will require, the company says. It's a wizard-based tool that connects to an Oracle database and generates a series of customizable XML reports, which can be used to inventory and analyze the business logic embedded within PL/SQL stored procedures, functions, packages and triggers.

ArtinSoft's Freedom Migration Studio for PL/SQL to T-SQL provides an interactive development environment to extract PL/SQL code from the Oracle database, and automatically convert it to Transact-SQL for SQL Server, the company says. The Migration Studio's graphical interface allows users to edit the generated T-SQL code and to upload it directly into SQL Server for testing.

Herndon, Va.


Data Management

24U Software has released an upgrade of 24U Email OSAX to version 3.1. This upgrade lets users automate their e-mail communication using AppleScript and by allowing them to send e-mail messages directly from scripts.

Among the new features are sample scripts for verifying authentication methods supported by the server, automatically generated headers that can be overridden by extra headers, and the option to select a custom port instead of the standard SMTP port 25.

24U Software
Prague, Czech Republic


Permabit, a software storage company, and AXS-One, a provider of records compliance management solutions, have teamed up to provide integrated solutions for electronic records retention in compliance environments. The AXS-One Compliance Platform, combined with Permabit's Permeon Compliance Vault, allows users to capture, index, archive, retain, search, retrieve, audit, and dispose of electronic records, say the two companies. The joint solution manages and enforces record retention periods, provides search, discovery, and retrieval functionality for audits, and validates the authenticity of individual records as required by regulations. The solution runs on industry-standard magnetic disc storage platforms.

Cambridge, Mass.

AXS-One Inc.
Rutherford, N.J.


Processes and Practices

SECNAP Network Security has released SpammerTrap, an anti-virus and anti-spam e-mail gateway. SpammerTrap features a combination of modules including an e-mail firewall, an anti-spam auto learning module, and an anti-virus module. It uses Bayesian, keyword, and spammer trick detection, real-time blacklists, mail header detection, and a global spam checksum database to perform more than 700 tests on each e-mail message to determine its authenticity.

A reporting feature tracks how much spam and and legitimate e-mail messages a company receives.

SECNAP Network Security Corporation
Boca Raton, Fla.


Tools and Technologies

Freemont Avenue Software has released its Software Security Token, designed to protect client data from unauthorized access, according to the company. SST manages access to sensitive systems or to networks using a challenge-response system, and creates an encrypted, unique identifier each time a system or network is accessed.

SST helps prevent identity theft by providing for secure remote authentication of users, according to the company. SST runs on Windows for end users and on AIX, Linux and Solaris for host servers.

Freemont Avenue Software Inc.


ReadiVoIP, the Rapid Enterprise Application Development in VoIP starter kit, enables developers to create, test and deploy hardware-free IP telephony applications. ReadiVoIP is upgradeable to a full development platform, according to the company.

The starter kit bundles VBVoice from Pronexus, Host Media Processing software from Intel and an IP phone. Intel's NetStructure HMP allows users to deploy software-only IP media servers. VBVoice supports HMP in a visual call flow environment integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

The product comes with three months of service.

Ontario, Canada


Rogue Wave Software has released its Lightweight Enterprise Integration Framework version 2.2. LEIF is a framework for creating and integrating scalable service-based applications and is designed to allow customers to transition to a service-oriented architecture, the company says.

This new version provides a solution for companies to deploy a service listener (a Web service component that parses and dispatches requests to the appropriate business logic) within existing C/C++ applications. The service listener allows LEIF to support multiple threads of execution and more quickly add Web services.

It also features a shutdown capability that provides for service start and stop control.

Rogue Wave Software
Boulder, Colo.


BreachGate Detect was designed to protect large and commercial applications from attacks by human and automated intruders that can result in identify theft, privacy and regulatory violations. The product enhances network layer security at the application layer by monitoring and controling traffic as it enters and leaves the application. It also is designed to protect data while teams spanning multiple organizations and locations develop software. BreachGate Detect identifies anomalous application behaviors such as use of secret back doors. The product uses behavioral learning technology, an adaptive learning process that is sensitive to acceptable behaviors in an application, even as they change, the company says.

BreachGate Detect also monitors and controls requests that enter the network and any response that leaves the network.

Breach Security Inc.
Carlsbad, Calif.


Language Weaver released Statistical Machine Translation Software 2.4, which automates human language translation. By learning automatically from translated documents, this technology reviews previously unseen text and translates it from language to language using statistical algorithms to produce high-probability output.

The Web Services API enables programmers to create client applications using multiple programming languages.

Language Weaver
Los Angeles, Calif.