WaveMaker Expands API Integration of Mobile App Tool

WaveMaker Inc. said it expanded the API integration capabilities of its namesake rapid application development (RAD) platform for creating enterprise mobile apps.

The company said its integration advancements help developers using the WaveMaker platform tap into the growing hybrid model of deploying business services across internal on-premises systems and cloud-based deployments.

WaveMaker said its platform "now supports integration of apps with REST-enabled APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) developed on any technology stack, including Java, .Net, Python, PHP, Node.js or Ruby. This eliminates the need to deploy or manage additional server-side components, required to access data from existing systems independent of the technology stack."

The company explains on its Web site that it provides integration services for hooking up mobile apps with databases and related services, enterprise systems like SharePoint and Salesforce, cloud services from Amazon and Google, various authentication and identity management services and more.

"WaveMaker has also updated its powerful API Designer to automate the creation of new REST APIs for custom business logic, legacy services, and non-rest endpoints, further simplifying the integration of mobile applications into the network," the company said. "This first-in-industry development allows developers to focus their efforts and innovation on application design, rather than divert their attention to integration challenges."

Beyond the API integration enhancements, the company also announced increased security functionality, stating that it extends security beyond apps to the APIs that let multiple applications integrate and interoperate using Single Sign-on authentication.

"WaveMaker now extends security to mobile applications," the company said. "Mobile apps are protected from external threats like Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and forging attacks (XSRF), with policy-based filtering mechanisms in place. Support for OAuth 2.0 authorization protocol enables seamless integration of mobile applications with third-party cloud services, preserving identity and trust.

"Also, WaveMaker supports Single Sign-on integration with federated identity systems using CAS (Central Authentication Server) and SAML, enabling consistent security across diverse set of mobile applications."

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.