Couchbase Mobile Updated with Sync Gateway Improvements

Couchbase Mobile 1.3 has reached general availability, featuring improvements to its Sync Gateway component that provides functionality such as authentication, authorization and data orchestration.

Sync Gateway, along with the mobile-optimized Couchbase Lite NoSQL database, combine to formulate the Couchbase Mobile offering, a mobile development solution used with Couchbase Server.

"The idea behind Couchbase Mobile was to make it easy for developers to build apps that work both online and offline, but also to manage data transfer more efficiently between the device and the cloud," exec Wayne Carter told ADTMag in an interview last summer. "By doing all of this, they produce applications that have a really great experience compared to traditional development or REST-based approaches."

As reported here earlier this year, Couchbase Mobile 1.2 was released with new functionality for enterprise mobile development.

Now, version 1.3 is out, with several Sync Gateway-related enhancements. According to its site, "Sync Gateway is built-in for replicating data between the embedded database and the database server. It includes multi-master replication, and both automatic and custom conflict resolution. It also supports peer-to-peer replication."

Here's a list of the release highlights as presented in a blog post by exec Ali LeClerc:

  • Support for OpenID Connect
    • Log in to Sync Gateway using a third-party identity provider.
    • Authenticate users with providers that implement OpenID Connect (for example, Google+, PayPal, Yahoo, Active Directory and so on).
  • Document Expiration (TTL)
    • Give documents in local databases an expiration time.
    • Automatically clean up databases for short-lived documents.
  • SG Replicate
    • Integrated support for Sync Gateway-to-Sync Gateway replication.
    • Allows deployment configurations for tree and other non-star topologies.
  • SGCollect Info
    • Get detailed statistics for Sync Gateway with the new command line utility called sgcollect_info .

"With 1.3, we focused on building features that will make your apps faster and more efficient, and make your life easier as developers," LeClerc said.

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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.