Forum Systems Targets SOA, Web Services’ Security

Forum Systems recently introduced its Unified Policy Management application, which creates, manages, deploys and governs service-oriented architecture security policies and Web services.

Forum UPM is a security policy management system that allows administrators to manage the lifecycle of Web services security from provisioning services and entitlements to risk management. The software also helps enterprises ensure their policies meet relevant SOA security requirements, such as SOAP message security and token profiles and protocols for secure conversations. Its design and configuration features incorporate new standards specifications and upgrades. For example, administrators can use multiple versions of the Security Assertion Markup Language 1.1/1.0 and WS-Security 2004/2002 without compromising existing security rules.

Forum UPM is integrated into the Forum XWall Web Services Firewall and the Forum Sentry Web Services Gateway.

The Forum XWall is a Web services firewall that ensures critical applications are accessible to network administrators. The firewall enforces perimeter policies that check the data’s integrity and control access to exposed enterprise Web services. XWall features data authentication and XML Intrusion Protection to prevent XML viruses, data corruption and denial of Web service attacks. The firewall also supports WS-I conformance, XML Schema Restriction and WSDL Access Control.

The Sentry allows enterprises and their business partners to securely exchange XML and Web services communications from mission-critical apps.

About the Author

Kathleen Ohlson is senior editor at Application Development Trends magazine.