JBoss Launches Certification Program for Its Partners

JBoss has introduced a program for its partners that it says will help them handle demand for JBoss Enterprise Middleware System (JEMS) in mission critical deployments. Certified partners will provide third-party technologies, integration, migration and services to support JBoss products.

The Certified Partner Program will help JBoss partners speed their entry into the open source market, certify their applications or tools with the JEMS environment, train their personnel and optimize service delivery to the enterprises shifting from proprietary middleware to open source middleware. Partners receive access to the JBoss Network, through which JBoss deliver services to customers, and receive support and training from the core technical experts behind JEMS. The partnership also entitles members to direct indemnification from JBoss and reseller opportunities.

There are four certified solution partnership programs:

  • Solution partners program, which supports ISVs and platform vendors that want to certify and optimize their solutions to run on JEMS. JBoss Certified Solution Partners include Ascential, ATG, Elastic Path, Jamcracker and others.
  • Technology partners program, which supports companies that include JBoss technologies with their products. In addition to having JBoss-certified products, technology partners can deliver JBoss support services to their end customers. JBoss Certified Technology Partners include Cincom Systems, Computer Associates, HP, Kronos, Novell, Seagull Software and others.
  • System integrators program, which certifies personnel and product support of consulting, integration and migration companies. Current JBoss Certified System Integrators include Amentra, Capgemini, HP, Novell, NRI, SoftPro and Tripod Technologies.
  • Authorized service partners program, which establishes relationships with companies that want to resell JBoss-branded support and training services to their customers. The program is targeted specifically for companies that have an established support infrastructure and a strong competence in J2EE. These companies must meet requirements based on customer satisfaction, technology competency and the number of JBoss trained and certified personnel on staff. Current partners include HP and Novell.