HP Takes Aim at SOA via OpenView

In an effort to help enterprises comply with government regulations and join the service-oriented architecture drive, Hewlett-Packard introduced new software to its OpenView line, targeting these areas.

According to Gartner, SOA application development will be the dominant way to create software by 2009, and will be implemented in more than 80 percent of new application projects.

OpenView SOA Manager is designed to help companies run IT operations more like a business, creating better synergy between business operations and information technology, providing products more efficiently to internal and external customers, according to HP.

SOA Manager defines and manages a model of relationships between business services, their supporting software assets and the virtualized infrastructure. The software manages and integrates loosely coupled components in a SOA. It also manages application services as resources to represent the physical infrastructure and any changes within the SOA services model. The model is meant to expedite security, provisioning, version control, monitoring and reporting all of an enterprise’s SOA-based services.

SOA Manager integrates other management capabilities by a plug-and-play architecture, using existing tools. It targets both enterprise management and SOA management challenges, such as loosely coupled components and the infrastructure they run on, SOA policy development and enforcement, and SOA service-level agreement enforcement and management of the entire service lifecycle.

HP also introduced OpenView Compliance Manager to help enterprises automate and continuously monitor internal controls and manage business processes, while helping companies adhere to compliance regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA.

AMR Research says SOX compliance spending will hit $6.1 billion this year, with 28 percent allocated to technology spending and an additional 29 percent set aside for external consulting.

Compliance Manager is designed to monitor internal controls of key business processes, as well as their support applications and infrastructure to measure their effectively and reduce risk, says HP.

About the Author

Kathleen Ohlson is senior editor at Application Development Trends magazine.