Riding an object DB

COMPANY: Fisher-Rosemount Systems
PURPOSE: To automate process-intensive companies on a 24x7 schedule.

APPLICATION: DeltaV Scalable Process System -- Equipment failures in process-intensive industries have been known to shut down an entire process, resulting in lost production and revenue. To prevent such failures, process companies in pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, and chemical industries are implementing process control systems and software.

Fisher-Rosemount Systems, Houston, develops and markets process automation equipment and software for companies seeking to automate and control their processes. Fisher-Rosemount's DeltaV Scalable Process System, developed and deployed with the Objectivity object-oriented database from Objectivity Inc., Mountain View, Calif., provides methods for ensuring against failures and related process control problems.>/P>

Jim Cahill, product manager at Fisher-Rosemount, explained that the Objectivity database and a Microsoft Internet Explorer-like interface have boosted DeltaV well beyond the competition. Commenting on the significant benefits of the DeltaV system, Cahill explained that in the past people using process control systems required tremendous amounts of training to get up and running. "That learning curve is now significantly reduced, due to our Internet Explorer-like navigation. We have customers who have seen up to a 60% reduction in required training," he said.

According to Cahill, the process is easier to navigate because the system is easier to operate and control. Also, from an engineering aspect, controllers can now be automatically recognized. "When you plug a new component into the environment, you have a plug and play implementation," said Cahill. "In the past, you would have had to actually get in there and toggle dip switches or something. One of the biggest things our customers see is that we have embedded diagnostics running. This provides a much more productive maintenance environment because you can report problems immediately." Because speed in development was an issue, Fisher-Rosemount changed from its previously used methodology to an iterative development methodology. This formal methodology was used throughout the software lifecycle, and the company has recently passed an ISO audit with this process.

- Deborah Melewski


Comprised of approximately 100 experienced software engineers OODBMS key to building, deploying Fisher-Rosemount system

The system easily navigates and manages the process and reports on problems to ensure that failures do not occur. The ability to prevent failures that would have shut down an entire process results in continued production and revenue gains.

Objectivity/DB from Objectivity, Inc.

Microsoft Visual C++ from Microsoft

C++ for embedded Systems from Microtec

Select/OMT from Select Software


Windows NT