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Adverise with Application Development Trends delivers unique, insightful coverage of how large companies' business goals can be achieved through software technology. We deliver the most well-respected, authoritative and concentrated source of buying power in the enterprise application marketplace.

Whether advertisers require lead generation, branding or integrated marketing campaigns, provides solutions to help businesses achievetheir marketing objectives.

What type of company advertises with Application Development Trends?

Software companies interested in reaching senior software decision makers involved in corporate enterprise applications advertise with

How is the audience unique?

  • Most efficient reach to corporate enterprise applications
  • Best reach to high-level corporate, IT and application management
  • Long-standing and well-established
  • True buying power and authority
  • Proven to be very responsive

What are the job functions of the audience? targets corporate AD and IT software management involved in corporate enterprise applications whose primary responsibilities are acquiring, developing, deploying and managing enterprise applications.

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