Eclipse Foundation Announces New Release of Eclipse Temurin Java SE Runtime

The folks at the Eclipse Foundation, in collaboration with the Adoptium Working Group, recently unveiled the latest release of Eclipse Temurin, the working group's OpenJDK distribution. This is the largest release to date; it with support for 54 version/platform combinations and five major OpenJDK versions, highlighting a commitment to diverse and comprehensive builds across Linux, Mac, Windows, and various architectures, including x64, ARM, and RISC-V.


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Java 22 Packs a Punch with 12 JEPs and Support for GenAI

Last month, Oracle dropped Java 22, adding a fresh batch of performance, stability, and security features to the venerable programming platform. This latest iteration introduces 12 JDK Enhancement Proposals (JEPs) aimed at refining everything from the Java language to its array of development tools. Though not a long-term support (LTS) release (the next LTS is Java 23), this release is a significant upgrade that includes new features focused on better enabling the use of Java for building AI applications.


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A Prompt by Any Other Name: IBM's Watsonx Gets a Generative AI Enhancement

When I first began using the term "prompt engineering" last year, I thought the eye rolling would knock the planet off its axis. I got a similar reaction a dozen years earlier when I proposed writing a book on "social media" to an east coast publisher. And don't get me started on the initial feedback on "the cloud."

Technology nomenclature is a writhing beast, and prompt engineering hit the zeitgeist like a breaching humpback soaking eager whale watchers. This discipline, essentially undifferentiated before the precipitous rise of ChatGPT and other advanced machine learning large language models (LLMs) we're calling "AI," is now commanding a salary range of between $250k and $375k USD, according to Forbes


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Oracle JDK 21 LTS Release: More Features from Loom, Panama, and Generational ZGC

Java 21 has arrived, and with it the latest implementation of Oracle's Java Development Kit (JDK). Oracle JDK 21 is a long-term support release (LTS) focused on serious performance improvements, stability enhancements, and security upgrades.

As an LTS release, JDK 21 will receive eight years of support from Oracle. The company also announced that it will provide support for Java 11 through "at least" January 2032. The eight-year extension was a response to "customer feedback in the Java ecosystem," said Sharat Chander, Director of Java SE Product Management at Oracle, in a blog post.


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Waratek Adds Log4J Scanner and API Security to its Java Security Platform

The Java security specialists at Dublin-based Waratek have released a new Log4J Vulnerability Scanner and added API security to their Java Security Platform, the company announced recently.


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One on One with Automated Software Testing Expert Phil Japikse

The upcoming Visual Studio Live 2-Day Hands-On Training Seminar (June 5-6, online), organized by the hard-working folks at 1105 Media (my boss) promises to be a killer opportunity for developers to update their skills and knowledge on an increasingly important topic with the potential to make their lives much easier: automated software testing.


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Open-Source Leadership to the European Commission: CRA Rules Pose Tech and Economic Risks to EU

New cybersecurity rules for digital products proposed by the European Commission pose "unnecessary economic and technological risks to the European Union," according to a group of 12 open-source software leadership organizations.

In an open letter to the Commission published last week, the group stated: "We write to express our concern that the greater open-source community has been underrepresented during the development of the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) to date and wish to ensure this is remedied throughout the co-legislative process by lending our support."


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Microsoft Unveils Copilot-Assisted Future for Devs

Microsoft announced the next step in its evolving generative AI strategy on Thursday with news that its ubiquitous Office suite will soon support natural language (NL) interactions. But while NL-powered versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams are sure to grab mainstream headlines, developers learned that Redmond is also AI-enabling components of the Microsoft Power Platform with GitHub's Copilot tool.

Three of the four components that comprise the Power Platform—Power Apps (low/no code development), Power Automate (process automation, formerly "Flow"), and Power Virtual Agents (intelligent virtual bots)—will soon include "a Copilot experience."


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My 'Conversation' with ChatGPT about What Devs Need to Know

I've been on this beat for a long time, and I can't remember a piece of software catching fire with the mainstream media—from cable news to late-night talk shows—quite like ChatGPT. The folks at OpenAI, which developed the conversational chatbot, claimed an increase of 1 million users in one week in December. Microsoft just announced a new multiyear, multibillion-dollar investment in the organization that "extends our ongoing collaboration." Needless to say, getting an interview with the folks at OpenAI has been a challenge…which is why I decided to pose some questions directly to the AI-driven natural language processing tool's public demo on the Web.


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