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PDC: Microsoft Calls New Cloud Computing OS a 'Turning Point' for Company

New service-based operating system is called Windows Azure.

Skytap To Demo Cloud Lab at Microsoft's PDC Event

The service lets developers create testing environments on the fly.

Merb: The Rails Alternative

New Ruby framework offers a modular approach.

Sync Framework: It's Still at Version 1.0

Microsoft didn't update its synchronization platform, despite a slight tweak.

Ballmer Drops Hints About Windows 7, Cloud Computing

Microsoft is gearing up to describe a few of its cutting-edge software technologies in late October.

Microsoft Unleashes Tool For Web Developers

Web App Installer centralized management of ASP.NET and PHP-based open source Web apps.

Microsoft Posts ASP.NET MVC Beta for Download

Official beta for Redmond's new model view controller framework released.

Adobe Ships Creative Suite 4, Flash Player 10

Adobe has begun shipping Creative Suite 4, featuring new versions of its development, design, publishing, and video/motion graphics applications.

Microsoft Reveals Oslo Tools

Company's Connected Services division on Friday announced key components of its 'Oslo' modeling platform.

NSA Posts Secrets to Writing Secure Code

Tokeener case study serves as an example of writing low-defect, highly-reliable code, researchers claim.

Can Chrome Lure Developers?

Google advances its JavaScript-centric Web dev strategy.

Mono 2.0 Takes Flight

Mono version 2.0, an open source effort to implement the Microsoft .NET development framework for Unix, Linux and other platforms, was formally released Monday.

Coming to Terms With Cloud Computing

Analysts define an airy concept that's currently looming large on the IT horizon.

Amazon To Host Microsoft Solutions in the Cloud

Amazon plans to offer hosted solutions using Microsoft's server technologies in the fall.

Visual Studio To Include jQuery Library

In a tip of its hand toward open source software development, Microsoft announced on Sunday that it will incorporate the jQuery JavaScript library into Microsoft Visual Studio and ASP.NET.

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