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Public Preview of Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise Now Available

Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise, the fully-managed, enterprise-ready service for the Spring framework developed jointly by VMware and Microsoft, is now available in a public preview.

CI/CD Platform Provider CircleCI Adds 'Dedicated Hosts' for Mac Developers

CircleCI today announces enhanced support for developers using Apple's Xcode IDE to build applications for Mac-based devices.

Contrast Security Partners with GitHub to Deliver 'Pipeline-Native' Security to Developers

Cybersecurity solutions provider Contrast Security unveils four new GitHub Actions aimed at making the process of automating security testing within native pipelines more accessible to developers.

Canonical and CoreSpace Partner to Provide 'One-Stop Shop' for Private Clouds

Canonical CoreSpace announce a partnership aimed at making it easier for organizations to set up, customize, and manage private clouds.

Apache Groovy 4 Adds Support for New Java Features

The Apache Software Foundation's Groovy team has announced the release of Groovy 4.0.0, the latest version of the open source, general-purpose programming language for the Java Virtual Machine.

MicroProfile 5.0 Released with Updated Jakarta EE 9.1 Dependencies

The latest release of the Eclipse Foundation's MicroProfile, MicroProfile 5.0, aligns with every specification in the latest version of the foundation's enterprise Java spec, Jakarta EE 9.1.

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Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus Now Includes OpenShift Data Foundation

Red Hat announces the integration of its OpenShift Data Foundation storage solution with its OpenShift Platform Plus Kubernetes container platform.

New CodeLogic Plugin Shows App Code Dependencies Inside IntelliJ IDEA

CodeLogic has a new plugin for the IntelliJ IDEA integrated development environment that allows devs to view real-time app code dependency intelligence within the popular code-centric Java IDE.

Java on VS Code 2022 Roadmap Includes Wider Path to Cloud Native

Microsoft plans to emphasize cloud native development in 2022 as it adds features and expands the capabilities of its popular Visual Studio Code for Java source code editor.

New 'Vantage Prevent' Solution Shifts DAST Left

The Application Security Division of NTT Ltd. releases a solution designed to make it possible for developers to conduct dynamic application security testing (DAST) at each phase of the software development cycle.

Meta and AWS Deepen Their Strategic Alliance, Bump Up Support for PyTorch

AWS announces new plans with Meta to use its services and global infrastructure to scale research and development, facilitate third party collaborations, and help enterprises use the PyTorch to bring deep learning models from research into production faster and easier.

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Companies Facing FTC Legal Action Over Log4j Breaches

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission intends to use its "full legal authority to pursue companies that fail to take reasonable steps to protect consumer data from exposure as a result of the Log4j vulnerability," the commission warned.

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Log4j Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Likely to Affect Millions

A critical-remote code execution vulnerability in the widely used Log4j open-source Java logging library, "has given cybercriminals the perfect attack campaign on a silver platter."

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5 Adds Insights Services, New 'System Roles'

Red Hat, one of the world’s leading providers of open-source solutions, has announced the general availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5 (RHEL 8.5) the latest incarnation of its enterprise Linux platform.

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Latest Release of the GraalVM Includes Support for Java 17

GraalVM 21.3 is the last release of the year. It leaves 2021 with some long-awaited features, a host of bug fixes, and support for Java 17.

Eclipse Foundation Envisions an Ecosystem for the "Software-Defined Vehicle"

The Eclipse Foundation is reaching out to tech industry leaders with an open invitation to join a cutting-edge effort to build an open-source ecosystem for developers working on solutions for the "software-defined vehicle."

JetBrains Compose Multiplatform UI Framework for Kotlin Goes Beta

Software development toolmaker JetBrains, maker of the code-centric Java IDE, IntelliJ IDEA, and creator of Kotlin, has announced the beta of its Compose Multiplatform declarative UI framework.

Red Hat Releases Language Support for Java Extension for VS Code

Red Hat has released a new extension for its popular Visual Studio Code for Java source code editor--Language Support for Java by Red Hat--now available on the VS Code Marketplace.

Oracle Announces Java 17 Long-Term Support Release and Shorter LTS Release Cadence

Oracle announced the general availability of JDK 17 this week, the second Long-Term Support release since JDK 11.

Will Microsoft's Ongoing Push Draw Java Developers to Azure?

Redmond has been promoting Java to its developer community for a while now, but it recently began pumping up its Java push on several fronts, including promoting new guidance for devs using the popular programming language on its Azure cloud computing platform.