Manage e-mail and IM info-glut

As the use of e-mail and instant messaging for business communications has grown, so too has another problem: storing and managing that content.

We Have Trends of Our Own

Regular readers of Application Development Trends know we cover more of the application scene than development, despite the name. We regularly run articles on apps management, integration, innovation and more. That’s why, starting with next month’s issue, we’ll be operating under a new moniker: Application Trends. We’ll show off our new logo and tell you all about the name change in the January issue.

Content Integration Is Still Too Loose & Low Tech

On paper, enterprise content management vendors have all the pieces needed to deliver integrated content management, but the simplicity, functionality and elegance found in the different modules can be uneven, says one analyst.

Bits & Bytes

Insight, analysis and stuff for managers

Staying Power!

COBOL is here to stay. It’s become UNICODE—compliant, object oriented and XML friendly. It participates in MDA,calls Web services natively and wraps itself in Java. Some mainframe shops are even deploying COBOL apps on Linux.

Perens at the WSIS

Tinhats and Tunisian Bathrooms

'Spring Live' Book Review

A worthy introduction to the ins and outs of Spring Framework.

Creator for the Corporate Coder

Sun Looks for the VB Soft Spot

Paper Beats Scissors, Rock Dodges Mountain

Picture the boardroom meeting at Big Heavy Software, Inc. HQ: "Our competitors are beating us by being nimbler and more fleet-footed. There’s only one thing for it, we must leverage our core competencies and pile on even more deadweight!"

Borland's New Guy

Nielsen's Cool: "Developers Rule!"

Microsoft's Three-Way: Part I

Ballmer Rocks the Microsoft Launch

Scary Stories

Mitnick regales with hacker tales.

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