A 1-Point Survival Plan for Project Looking Glass

Can Sun transform LG3D from corporate PostureWare into customer-friendly HappyWare – and in the process prevent it from becoming dusty, forgotten shelfware?

EU Patent Shenanigans

While the European Patent Office is hard at work issuing patents on such "innovative" new ideas as the Progress Bar and Payments by Credit Card, the EU has rejected some critical amendments to the Computer Implemented Inventions Directive - a major blow to advocates of free software.

Is Sun's 'Project Looking Glass' More than Mere PostureWare?

How much of Sun’s much-vaunted Project Looking Glass is a serious attempt at defining a revolutionary new kind of desktop user interface, and how much is it simply a case of Sun wielding a new toy and saying "Look what we’ve got!"

Kalido’s Master Data Management Approach Suits Big Companies

Managing data across a highly diverse organization with operations around the globe is a challenge. With operations in more than 140 countries, and more than 112,000 employees, the Royal Dutch/Shell Group provides a good example of such large-scale data management.

Traveling at a Zillion Events Per Second

SIMs collect raw data from security-related software and systems, correlate it, aggregate it and then present it in a way that makes it actionable.

Enterprise Modernization: New Life for Old Apps

Sprucing up legacy apps with a new look and feel using SOA or Web services, rather than replacing them, can provide value for years to come.