Review: SmartOutline 2005

Everyone needs a place to store unstructured information. There are choices galore out there, from simple text files to Microsoft OneNote to OPML-based outlines. SmartOutline 2005 aims to shake up the outlining market with a flexible .NET plugin-based architecture.

Managing to Cope with Patches

Keeping up with a steady stream of patches to close security loopholes and upgrade apps has become time consuming and costly.

No more requisition forms to requisition forms

The U.S. Army’s decision to convert its legendarily lethargic paper-based systems to an e-forms-based model is one of the most talked about unstructured information management projects in recent years.

It works when a developer gets stuck

According to open-source development veterans, the collaboration model offers several technical advantages, but by no means guarantees success.

EDITORIAL: No easy questions these days

This month’s issue is about making tough choices that can cost plenty if you happen to make the wrong decision.

Why Coding Standards?

Organizations adopt coding standards to ensure the delivery of reliable applications. See how standards can help reduce time for reviews and correct violations automatically.

Apps on Tap

Enterprises warm to the idea of buying software as a service because of the low upfront costs and quick return on investment.

Product Review: Macromedia gives boost to RoboDemo

Macromedia Captivate enables virtually anyone to record on-screen activity to create software demonstrations and interactive simulations in Flash. It allows users to edit content, add media applications, and provide visual screen instructions. It’s based on eHelp’s RoboDemo desktop recording software.

DE-CODER: Architecture Lines up with Business Goals

To keep pace with competitors in the annuities market, Transamerica Life Insurance Company had to find a way to leverage its legacy information systems as it forged ahead with plans to remain a key player in a faster, changing business environment that required more responsive technology.

Managing unstructured information

Most of the information companies generate—more than 80 percent, according to experts—won’t fit into the neat-and-tidy cells of a traditional relational database.

Open-source users find rewards in collaborative development

IT shops discover that sharing code outside the corporation can result in better software.

It’s all about J2EE and Web services

One important attraction of Workplace, says Jim Russell, director of application development tools for Lotus, is the ability to retrofit Domino applications to participate fully in next-generation application architectures.

DE-CODER bits & bytes


Product Guide: New Products

Brief news on new products.

DE-CODER: Q&A: IT's role in the supply chain

Kevin O’Marah is vice president of research at AMR Research in Boston, where he directs the analyst firm’s coverage of supply chain technology. In this interview with ADT, he looks at the potential of radio frequency identification (RFID) and how IT should respond to demand-driven supply networks.

Review: patterns & practices Enterprise Library

Microsoft used to just hand us compilers and tools, but somewhere along the way they realized that things had gotten too complex for many developers to know how best to use these tools. Enter the Enterprise Library, the latest set of useful code blocks packaged up as prescriptive guidance by Microsoft's Patterns & Practices group.

Briefing Book: Oracle gets on the grid

Oracle, Dell, Intel, and EMC are joining forces on a project aimed at combining their core technologies and technical resources to develop an enterprise grid computing infrastructure that can outperform traditional symmetric multiprocessing systems at a much lower cost.

Review: DevPartner Fault Simulator

You know, of course, that your code should be catching and properly handling exceptions. But how do you test that part of the code? DevPartner Fault Simulator provides an elegant solution for the .NET developer, injecting exceptions deliberately and watching how your application handles them.

Hand me my waders, it's getting deep in here

Microsoft says that its latest round of anti-piracy measures are for our own good. Isn't that nice of them?

Review: ActiPro SyntaxEditor .NET

If you've ever tried to implement a full-featured editing control that keeps up with the state of the IDE art, you know that it's not a simple job. In fact, it's not a job you should do at all if you're using .NET. Instead, look to ActiPro to have it already done for you.