SOA 2. huh?

Just when we started to get our heads around SOA, along comes SOA 2.0.

Automated Trading and the New Markets

New automated trading systems are changing both the face and the infrastructure within investment banks.

JTable Editing for Excel Users

JTable and its extra-special usability "feature".

OpenLaszlo More Than Just Flashy Graphics

This Rich Internet Application (RIA) platform can now be deployed on a DHTML runtime in addition to Flash.

Sunbelt Software announces third-gen messaging security

Sunbelt Software recently released Sunbelt Messaging Ninja, its new third-generation enterprise messaging security solution for Microsoft Exchange. The product includes antivirus, antispam and antiphishing features, and attachment filtering, which is free for a limited time.

JavaOne 06: The Day After

A conference post-mortem with a little help from the two Neils.

Art of Illusion

Further evidence that Java isn’t just about the server-side anymore.

JavaOne 06 DayFour

Old Dog; Old Tricks; New Passions: McNealy Takes the Stage

JavaOne 06 DayTwo

Joy's Security Panel: Java Good; AJAX Bad (from a Security Perspective)

JavaOne 06 DayOne

Invasion of the Orange Backpacks

Tweaking NetBeans’ Code Completion Feature

Switching from modal to non-modal can make the world of difference in any UI.

Why I Disabled NetBeans’ Code Completion Feature

A neat and potentially useful feature is brought down by poor UI design

ODF Gets the Nod from ISO

It's a bouncing baby standard

Java and the Swinging Flamingo

Swing gets another component suite, but this one's rather nice

AJAX-based document editors

They're growing in number, if not in features.

Sun's JavaOne Warmup

Sun shoves Java EE 5 into the pre-conference spotlight while the open-source-Java rumor machine screams into third gear

Substance 2.3 Release Candidate

This promising look & feel demonstrates that sometimes, substance is all on the surface.

How to pick a winner

If you’ve been reading about the profiles of this year’s nominees for ADT’s annual Innovator Awards, here’s what’s been going on behind the curtain.

AJAX changes everything, believe it

AJAX’s success has forced many programmers to come to terms with the shortcomings of the conventional Web app dev model. What’s different about AJAX is not that it’s an innovative technology, but that it’s disruptive to the old way to thinking.