Eight Fallacies Revisited

With surprise, I realized that Peter Deutsch's Eight Fallacies of Distributed Computing can also be applied to my daily commute

Security beyond the Badness-ometers

Gary McGraw's New Book Puts the Yin and Yang in Application Security

Top 10 Errors Java Programmers Make

If your team is cross-training to Java, here’s a useful page to point them towards.

The Lonely Daemon

In trying to be more "mainstream-friendly", Java 6 exhibits an odd misunderstanding of a basic usability principle

IBM Rational Gets Good Governance with Open-Source Practices

SD West keynoter advises: Focus on developer empowerment.

Amazon Puts out the Storage Infrastructure Welcome Mat

Amazon made the first big product announcement to come out of SD West. And it's a whopper.

If Languages Were Emoticons

Ruby hype goes on the defensive, following comments by James Gosling.

Marketing Zombies

Web users are naturally put off by marketing-speak, or "zombie copy".

Sun Pursues Enlightened Self Interest in Educated Work Force

''Business should be paying attention,’’ Gosling says.

ODF Gets an Official Fan Club

Supporters Rally 'Round the OASIS Standard

Matisse Flash Demos Aplenty

There's plenty to evangelize about with desktop Java right now; and the Sun developers aren't shying away from the challenge.

JavaScript in 10 Minutes

A quick and painless introduction to JavaScript

McNealy Expresses an Urge to Merge OSes

Sun Exec Pens Chief-to-Chief Letter to H-P's Hurd

New App Dev Platforms for the Resourceful Enterprise

Newly extended enterprise resource planning systems give developers the flexibility to use ERPs as application development platforms for building service-oriented architectures.

Masters of Their Data Domains

Businesses are paying more attention to master data management for several reasons. Many enterprises are looking at MDM to improve supply-chain efficiency while complying with federal mandates.

IT powers high-voltage substations

As Michigan Electric Transmission Company prepares to take over its outsourced operations in May 2007 from service provider Consumers Energy, customer recordkeeping and better data management are at the top of the startup’s IT list.

Process Management by the Light of the Dashboard

Enterprises are moving beyond simple process automation. Increasingly, managers want to own more of the business process and have the ability to change it. Are today’s development tools up to the task?

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