Metadata Repositories are the ''New Black''

The infrastructure vendors beat feet to add metadata management capabilities to their SOA portfolios.

Email Overload Fixed (Again)

Researchers try to fix a social problem with technology.

LinuxWorld Roundup

Trends, buzz, scuttlebutt, and a sneaky inflatable penguin.

Mashups Aren’t Just for Web Pages

Aerith could be desktop Java’s killer app.

A Mashup Primer

Mashups in a nutshell.

Open Sourcers Flock to San Francisco for LinuxWorld

The West Coast edition promises to be a whopper.

Getting Your Swing in a Spin

Using the magic of dynamic proxies to solve your GUI lock-up problems

Mustang/ATI Graphics Freeze-Fest

At last Sun is taking notice of the native platform; but are the trade-offs worth the extra power?

Borland's Turbo Gambit

The morphing software maker's DevCo group repurposes a classic brand name.

A Merger that Makes Sense—for a Change

Hewlett Packard's acquisition of Mercury Interactive combines bottom-up with top-down IT management technologies.

The AJAX World According to Tom Yeh

Designing rich web applications without (much) programming.

Ten Coolest Eclipse 3.2 Features

Mouseover Quick Diffs and auto-generated refactoring scripts.

In-Depth Articles on Design Patterns and OO

A rich source of software knowledge.

It's a Virtualization Jamboree!

Competition heats up, but it's all part of growing up.

SOA Link: Might Not Be What You Think

Founders say it's about facing the multidimensional reality of SOA of governance.

Microsoft's ODF Concession

Dispatch from the file format wars.

Is Your Code Easy to Test?

A sort of Cosmo self-test for programmers

Emerging Web OSes Will Need a Standard API

... and not a vendor-specific one

Java Tutorial Freebies

Back to school for Java developers

Blue Screen of Death 2.0

"Windows in a browser" demo highlights the main problem faced by next-gen desktops.