Big three take on the Google phenomenon

Oracle has thrown its hat into the enterprise search arena, joining IBM and Microsoft in a market Gartner estimates has annual revenues as high as $370 million.

ODF Finds Support in a Growing Number of Apps

P.S. to Friday's update on the unfolding rivalry between Microsoft's Open XML and the OASIS Open Document Format for Office Applications (ODF)

The Programmer's Perfect Day

Email, instant messaging, phone calls, meetings... the life of a programmer!

Open XML versus ODF—Redmond's Latest Move

Microsoft Joins the ISO Subcommittee in Charge of Format Adoption Votes

2006 Innovators: Who should win?

Ever wondered exactly how other IT teams handle seemingly insurmountable app dev tasks?

The Eclipse Foundation’s Coordinated Kickoff

With the Callisto Simultaneous Release Initiative, the EF is Playing at a Whole New Level

Cryptography in JavaScript, Whatever Next?

The shoehorn is a wonderful device.