Open-source and commercial tools mashup

They may not be as slick, powerful or extensible as off-the-shelf reporting tools, but that doesn’t bother a growing number of developers who find open-source tools good enough.

Credit union takes SAFE approach to patch automation

Some organizational names carry inherent assumptions. Just ask the Sacramento Air Force Employees (SAFE) Federal Credit Union in California, which maintains assets of $1.2 billion for its roughly 120,000 members.

Application integration enters through the front door

As Java and Web services standards mature, enterprises are starting to embrace the power of portals as integration platforms for composite apps and service-oriented architectures.

This is your brain on HPC

For about 2 years now, server vendors have been flogging the idea that high-performance computing is spreading beyond traditional academic and government environments, and is emerging as a serious option for enterprise IT.

Innovator Awards 2006

ADT’s 12th annual Innovator Awards recognize the work of IT teams who developed—and deployed—unique apps to solve their company’s business problems.

Backbase 3.1.4

This month saw the release of a highly accomplished AJAX framework.

SUN's Father was a Muthuh

Scott McNealy: passionate, quotable, and cranky as hell

How to pick a winner

If you’ve been reading about the profiles of this year’s nominees for ADT’s annual Innovator Awards, here’s what’s been going on behind the curtain.

Where Ubuntu LiveCD Both Succeeds and Fails

Experiencing a great free Linux distribution via LiveCD

Ubuntu LiveCD: Try it, you’ll be hooked

The "Dapper Drake" could also be called the "Magnanimous Mallard".

ODF Alliance Growth Spurt Sprouts a Director

The group's new managing director is out to win hearts and minds.

Prefuse: A Visualization Toolkit for Java

An open-source graphing toolkit worth keeping an eye on.

Battle of the Brains

The world's top student coders go mano-a-mano... or should that be cabeza-a-cabeza?