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Mobile Flash, 750 Employees Cut in Adobe Corporate Restructuring

In an announcement made this week by Adobe, the company will cut 750 workers and discontinue its browser-based Flash Player for mobile devices.

Gartner: 70 Billion App Store Downloads by 2014

According to a forecast released by Gartner last week, App stores and marketplaces will be among the top 10 strategic technologies for enterprises next year.

Android 4.0 'Ice Cream Sandwich' SDK Released

On Tuesday Google released the software developer kit for its newest version of the Android OS, code-named "Ice Cream Sandwich."

Report: Mobile Security Not Keeping Up with Increase in Attacks

Attacks against smartphone applications and browsers will continue to rise as the adoption of tablets and smartphones increase.

BlackBerry Outages Spread to U.S. and Canada

Internet, e-mail and messaging services went down for North American Research in Motion (RIM) smartphone device customers today.

Oracle's Plans for Java Unveiled at JavaOne

Just some of the many announcements includes plans to "bridge the gap" between Java ME and Java SE, an approach to modularizing Java SE 8 that will rely on the Jigsaw platform, and a new project that aims to use HTML5 to bring Java to Apple's iOS platform.

'Mango' Update for Windows Phone 7 Could Start Next Week

Microsoft announced Wednesday that it expects manufacturers and carriers to begin offering Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango" updates in the next couple of weeks.

Build, Day 2: Keynote Focuses on Visual Studio 11, MVC Changes, Cloud, More

Microsoft's Scott Guthrie and Jason Zander dove into the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview (and more) in the Wednesday Build keynote.

UPDATED: Windows 8 Details Revealed, Developer Preview Live

Microsoft kicked off the preliminaries of its Build conference on Monday by previewing the "Windows 8" operating system.

FireMonkey: Embarcadero's New Enterprise RIA Tool

FireMonkey is Embarcadero's new application platform and development framework for building business apps with "ultra-rich" user experiences.

Judge Dismisses Google's Complaint in Android Lawsuit

The judge overseeing the dispute between Motorola and Microsoft over Android use threw out Google's attempt to disqualify an expert witness this week.

Google To Pay $12.5 Billion for Motorola Mobility Acquisition

Google has made a huge move in the smartphone market with today's announcement that it will be shelling out $12.5 billion in cash for phone handset maker Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc.

Android Leads Pack in Global Smartphone Race; Apple's iOS Third

In the latest report by Gartner, 428.7 million new smartphones have been sold globally in the second quarter of 2011.

Motorola Wants Partnership with Microsoft for Mobile OS

A top executive at Motorola suggested on Tuesday that the company is open to a deal with Microsoft on Windows.

Follow Safe Practices To Develop Securely for Mobile Apps

Investing the time to apply the proper auditing and testing techniques is worth the time, according to security experts.

War of Words over Android Patents Continues Between Microsoft and Google

Two Microsoft executives are contesting earlier complaints by Google over patents relating to the Android mobile OS.

Report: Android Malware on the Rise

The creation of malware targeted towards Android devices has increased by a factor of five in the past 12 months.

Developers Get Different 'Mango' Build Release

Microsoft explained today that developers trying to access the latest 'Mango' update to Windows Phone 7 wiill receive a different build.

ZK Studio Java IDE Now Available as Eclipse Plug-In

Potix Corporation has just made its ZK Studio integrated development environment (IDE) available as an Eclipse plug-in.

Windows Phone 7 'Mango' Released to OEMs

Microsoft's next update to Windows Phone 7, codenamed "Mango," has been released to device manufacturing partners today.

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