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War of Words over Android Patents Continues Between Microsoft and Google

Two Microsoft executives are contesting earlier complaints by Google over patents relating to the Android mobile OS.

Report: Android Malware on the Rise

The creation of malware targeted towards Android devices has increased by a factor of five in the past 12 months.

Developers Get Different 'Mango' Build Release

Microsoft explained today that developers trying to access the latest 'Mango' update to Windows Phone 7 wiill receive a different build.

ZK Studio Java IDE Now Available as Eclipse Plug-In

Potix Corporation has just made its ZK Studio integrated development environment (IDE) available as an Eclipse plug-in.

Windows Phone 7 'Mango' Released to OEMs

Microsoft's next update to Windows Phone 7, codenamed "Mango," has been released to device manufacturing partners today.

Mono's Future Clears: Xamarin Partners with Attachmate

Attachmate, the company that acquired Novell earlier this year and then laid off virtually all members of the company's Mono team, is now partnering with Xamarin, the startup created by members of that team to continue commercial support of the Mono Project.

Android Market Share Continues Strong Growth

According to a comScore report for a three-month period ending in May, Google's Android OS devices claim 38.1 percent of all smartphones owned in the U.S.

Windows Phone 7 Developers Get Hands on 'Mango' Beta

Both a new software development kit (SDK) beta and "Mango" beta were released yesterday for Windows Phone 7 developers.

Android Deal Between Microsoft and General Dynamics Itronix Finalized

Yesterday Microsoft inked a deal with General Dynamics Itronix, a Sunrise, Fla.-based maker of sturdy computers for the public service, military, industrial market and public sectors.

Android Game Developers Targeted by Lodsys

The patent-holding company Lodsys, which has recently gained notoriety for threatening to sue iOS developers, continues to find itself embroiled in controversy as it broadens its reach to Android game developers.

Adobe Ramps Up Mobile Development Tools

Adobe's Flash Platform is moving aggressively into the realm of mobile development, having added the ability in its latest release to build apps for iOS and BlackBerry devices.

Survey: 30 Percent of Mobile Apps Earn Less Than $1,000

About 30 percent of mobile developers say they make less than $1,000 per app, according to a new study.

API Mapping Tool Bridges Development Gap Between Windows Phone 7 and Android

Microsoft yesterday released an API mapping tool for Android developers.

New Developer Opportunities Arrive with Apple's iOS 5, iCloud

Apple took the wraps off of two huge initiatives at its Worldwide Developer Conference this week, both with major implications for its developers.

Study: Android Apps Not as Profitable as iPhone Apps

According to a new study, developers writing apps for Android devices face an uphill climb to make money from their efforts despite the platform's unparalleled growth.

Android Dev: Lodsys Sent Me Patent Infringement Letter

Lodsys, a patent holder that has threatened iOS developers with legal action for "infringing" on its patent, may have expanded its targets to include Android developers.

Verizon's First Windows Phone 7 Smartphone Officially Available

Verizon Wireless, the nation's largest mobile carrier, finally has a Windows Phone 7 smartphone to offer the public.

Mango Developer Kit Released

Scheduled to be available to consumers this fall, Windows is kicking off the march to 'Mango' with the release of the toolkit for developers today.

Apple Backs Developers in Lodsys Dispute

Apple has weighed in on the recent dispute between its developers and a company charging patent infringement -- and come down firmly on the side of developers.

Report: Android Leads Global Smartphone Growth Explosion

Smartphone growth continues its meteoric rise globally, with Google's Android operating system outshining all competitors, according to a new study by Gartner.

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