Centralize Your Monitoring with a Time Series Database

Date: Thursday, March 12th at 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

Metrics as a Service combines centralization resource efficiency and maximum value extraction from data, but also and most importantly, it lowers the barrier to start using time series data to drive more accurate planning and decision making. In traditional approaches to monitoring metrics collection, much effort and overhead is placed into setting up and running the monitoring solution, with limited value extracted from the data collected. With a service model approach, we invert the pyramid, facilitating teams to adopt data processing frameworks to extract more and valuable information quickly and at minimal incremental cost.

In this webinar, Daniella Pontes of InfluxData, will discuss how you can use a time series database for centralized ingestion, analysis, visualization, and storage of all monitoring and metadata.

Learn how to:

  • Enable your teams to access time series data from your infrastructure, container and orchestration monitoring (including Docker, Kubernetes, and Jenkins)
  • Create real-time stream processing for effective alerting, optimizations at ingest as well as anomaly detection when integrated with Machine Learning frameworks
  • How to use a time series database for automation of data lifecycle management with retention policies, automated rollups, and eviction

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About the presenter:

Daniella Pontes, Senior Manager Product Marketing, InfluxData

Daniella Pontes is part of the product marketing team in InfluxData, San Francisco. She started her career in telecommunications, wireless technology and global Internet service provisioning. As security became a major concern for enterprises, she worked on enterprise policy management, SaaS and data encryption solutions. Prior to joining InfluxData, she spent some years living in Japan, Germany, and Brazil, working for an online agency developing and managing the Brazilian market. Having worked in various market segments, from embedded smart antenna technology to Internet security and e-commerce doing product management, partnerships, marketing and business development, she has a broad experience working cross-functionally and with customers and partners.

Daniella is passionate about nature, art, and science. She dearly loves animals and plants, being a strong advocate for preservation, open and green spaces. In her free time, she loves reading, writing and chatting with friends about social fairness while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Date: 03/12/2020

Time: 11:00am PT

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