Q&A: Eclipse Foundation's Milinkovich on the Road to Jakarta EE 8

The Eclipse Foundation today announced the released the first Jakarta EE specification, almost exactly two years after Oracle declared its intention to transfer the responsibility for enterprise Java to that open source standards organization.


Posted by John K. Waters on September 10, 20190 comments

Eclipse Foundation Gears Up for Enterprise Java Release with JakartaOne Live Stream

The Eclipse Foundation is gearing up for the Sept. 10 release of Jakarta EE 8, the first version of the enterprise Java platform under the Foundation's stewardship, with, among other things, a livestream event.

The JakartaOne Livestream is a one-day virtual conference aimed at developers and technical business leaders interested in "the current state and future of Jakarta EE and related technologies," with a focus on developing cloud native Java applications.


Posted by John K. Waters on August 14, 20190 comments

Jelastic Extends Support for Java Runtimes

Jelastic, the Java-focused cloud hosting platform provider, today announced new support for several Java runtimes, including AdoptOpenJDK, Liberica, Zulu, Corretto, OpenJ9 and GraalVM.


Posted by John K. Waters on August 13, 20190 comments

Proposal to Migrate JDK from Mercurial to Git Gets a JEP

Call it "A Tale of Two Repositories."

Mercurial is a free, cross-platform, distributed version-control system (SVM), and current host of the source files and change histories of most JDK projects since 2008. Git is the free, cross-platform, distributed version-control system that is almost certain to become the new home of those repositories.


Posted by John K. Waters on July 17, 20190 comments

Rebooting OpenJDK Mobile

Is it time to "reboot" the OpenJDK Mobile Project, which focused on porting the JDK to iOS, Android, and the now deceased Windows Mobile? Johan Vox, co-founder of Gluon, a Belgium-based mobile solutions, and a Java Champion, thinks so.


Posted by John K. Waters on July 10, 20190 comments

Eclipse SimRel-2019-06 Now Available

The Eclipse Foundation announced the latest of its stepped-up simultaneous project releases last week. SimRel-2019-06, its second quarterly release, comprises 76 projects, including the latest Eclipse IDE. Actually, the entire list is simply considered part of the Eclipse IDE 2019-06 release train.


Posted by John K. Waters on June 26, 20190 comments

Oracle to Eclipse Hand-Off: The Enterprise Java Community Moves Forward

It's been about a month since Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation, explained in a blog post the status of negotiations between Eclipse and Oracle on the final details of the enterprise Java handoff agreement. The last bone of contention was the use of the javax* package namespace "in the evolution" of Jakarta EE specifications, and the use of Java trademarks in the Java EE spec, but the two organizations got past it.


Posted by John K. Waters on June 12, 20190 comments

Apache NetBeans Is Now a Top-Level Project

It took two and a half years, but the NetBeans Java-based IDE has finally graduated to Top-Level Project (TLP) status at the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). The popular open source development environment, tooling platform and application framework now comprises the largest codebases at the ASF. (It's 20 years old, after all.)


Posted by John K. Waters on May 8, 20190 comments

Red Hat Steps in to Steward OpenJDK 8 and 11

Red Hat has again stepped in to assume the stewardship of OpenJDK projects no longer supported, long-term, by Oracle. The Raleigh, N.C.-based open source solutions provider and long-time Java community leader has taken on the role of steward of OpenJDK 8 and OpenJDK 11 update releases. Red Hat will "work with the community to enable continued innovation in Java," the company said in a statement.


Posted by John K. Waters on April 24, 20190 comments