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Security 101 for Web 2.0

Experts have long said that AJAX, used to increase and speed site interactivity, could also be used to amplify attacks against outward facing Web apps—particularly against providers of Software-as-a-Service.

McAfee admits, fixes design flaw

The antivirus software selected by more than one-third of companies throughout the United States and Europe was the subject of a serious security flaw earlier this year, leaving its users in the dark. McAfee publicized the flaw and its fix through an apologetic e-mail issued to its customers last week.

Q&A: The quest (and justification) for trustworthy code

Creating more secure apps is a laborious process, as is justifying the related expenditures to senior management. To learn how companies can better facilitate such processes, we talk to Dr. Herbert H. Thompson, the chief security strategist of Wilmington, Mass.-based Security Innovation Inc., an application security services provider.

Spyware threats skyrocket for enterprises

Spyware is the fastest-growing threat to enterprises, increasing more rapidly than Trojans, viruses and other risks. And experts believe spyware will stick around.

Protegrity offers enterprise data security in its entirety

Protegrity touts Defiance Security Software, Suite 4.1, as the most comprehensive security software available to date, enabling users to implement an all-encompassing method of data protection and business apps.

Plug In RBAC Security for Enterprises

Reduce maintenance costs from security logic that is interwoven with application logic. Apply a simple design that lets you plug in a role-based access control component.

AOL takes aim with security software

This summer AOL plans to add two tools to its repertoire to provide users with firewall, antivirus and antispyware security—tools that will likely rival similar products from Symantec, McAfee and Microsoft.

Targeting security issues during development

Ounce 4.0—built on the company’s source code analysis engine and security knowledgebase—marks the industry’s only enterprise-level architecture for software security assurance.

How Vista’s Arrival Will Affect the Security Market

Vista’s arrival will shake up the $3.6 billion Windows security market. Here are the implications for IT managers.

Spam-spyware combo will spawn targeted attack tools

The IT security landscape is about to be hit with a potentially devastating seismic shift: the convergence of phishing e-mails and spyware that could take the bad guys to a whole new level.

Vista threatens Windows app security market

Vista’s arrival will shake up the $3.6 billion Windows security market, according to Yankee Group. With more security built into Microsoft’s next operating system, many enterprises will jettison at least some of the third-party Windows security products they use, to save money and management time. What are the implications for IT managers?

Application security comes under attack

There's a renewed focus on application security, but experts say most enterprises still don't have a handle on how to go about fortifying their apps. That's partly because getting control of the app-dev lifecycle to add security measures is just plain tough.

New ways to police the enterprise

More important than ever, intrusion detection and prevention systems offer new ways to reduce data overload and false alarms.

Microsoft Word vulnerability gives hackers a backdoor

A newly discovered vulnerability in Microsoft Word XP and Word 2003 allows malicious hackers to mount Trojan-based attacks through e-mail attachments, establishing a backdoor that allows them to control compromised Windows PCs.

Sunbelt Software announces third-gen messaging security

Sunbelt Software recently released Sunbelt Messaging Ninja, its new third-generation enterprise messaging security solution for Microsoft Exchange. The product includes antivirus, antispam and antiphishing features, and attachment filtering, which is free for a limited time.

Bots join a long list of security woes

Nearly two-thirds of IT decision-makers aren’t confident they can prevent bots from infecting company PCs when they are not connected to the corporate network, according to a new survey.

Innovator Awards 2006

ADT’s 12th annual Innovator Awards recognize the work of IT teams who developed—and deployed—unique apps to solve their company’s business problems.

Credit union takes SAFE approach to patch automation

Some organizational names carry inherent assumptions. Just ask the Sacramento Air Force Employees (SAFE) Federal Credit Union in California, which maintains assets of $1.2 billion for its roughly 120,000 members.

Open-source and commercial tools mashup

They may not be as slick, powerful or extensible as off-the-shelf reporting tools, but that doesn’t bother a growing number of developers who find open-source tools good enough.

Why Automated Patch Management Remains Elusive

Patching remains a manual, time-intensive process, despite more automated tools.

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