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Allchin, Nash Questioned 'Vista Capable' Label

E-mails suggest that Microsoft execs had concerns about labeling plans for Vista versions.

Microsoft Will Release Vista SP1 Early to 'Technical Customers'

IT pros voice complaints, and Redmond reschedules release date.

Use of Live Customer Data in Application Testing Still Widespread

Survey shows security is an afterthought when live data is used in business application testing.

Lessons From a Yahoo Scrum Rollout

Yahoo's top coach in Agile practices describes the process, and how it speeds up Web application delivery.

Hyperic Enhances Its Web App Diagnostic Tool

The company's latest reporting solution helps enterprises monitor large Web applications that need to scale.

Klocwork Unveils Static Analysis Debug Tool

Company launches development tool that facilitates collaboration on software bugs, checking code before it is compiled.

Office 2003 SP3 To Be Pushed Out in Feb.

Microsoft Update will automatically change settings next month for Office 2003.

VMLogix Supports Citrix XenServer

Combined technologies will support server consolidation and build testing for developers.

VMware Manages the Release Lifecycle

Company unveiled its virtualization management beta, which aims to ease the task of IT administrators who track software changes across the enterprise.

Early Look: Acid3

The latest Web Standards Project browser test will focus on the script-rendering capabilities of browsers, although it's not ready for prime time yet.

Mindreef Boosts WS-Security and SOA Testing

Company rolls out new server collaboration product and role-based test solutions for SOAs.

Oracle Databases Go Unpatched, Survey Finds

Most IT personnel have not applied critical security patches.

TopQuadrant Releases Semantic Web Dev Tools

The company added to its suite of tools that aim to help enterprises be more agile with their semantic Web development projects.

Google Web Toolkit as Productivity Enhancer

GWT lets you develop JavaScript/HTML Web apps in Java, and gain support from Google's open source community.

Internet Explorer 8 Passes Acid2 Test

Microsoft gets the smiley face, indicating better standards compliance by its latest browser iteration.

Advanced AJAX Security

Security in AJAX apps can have big problems, even for those who go by the book.

ELC and FiveRuns Team on Enterprise Ruby on Rails

Companies advocate a hosted monitoring solution to improve the performance of RoR applications in the enterprise.

Microsoft Releases ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Preview

The community technology preview will include an option to use a model view controller, which may help some developers write unit tests and better maintain code.

Microsoft, Oracle Diverge on Outside VM Support

Oracle closes ranks, while Microsoft opens up.

Coverity Adds Java Support to OSS Scan Service

Users can check Java- and C/C++-based software for potential security and quality problems before compiling code.

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