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Winding Road Leads Skyway to Open Source Code-Generation Framework

Skyway's Skyway Builder 6.1 is all about delivering Java EE apps for Spring, but the company started out going in a different direction.

New Open Source Maven Repository Manager Launched

Sonatype's Nexus professional offers a "superset" of features for commercial users.

Report Sees Cloud Trend for OSS Developers

Many open source software developers seem to be choosing the Internet cloud as a point of distribution.

Livermore Lab Pioneers Debugging Tool

Open source tool enables researchers to pinpoint a needling problem in a haystack of processors.

University's Agile Software Factory Aims To Fill Enterprise Demand

Bowling Green State University's Agile Software Factory gives students hands-on agile experience and community organizations free apps.

Amazon's Public Data Sets Released

Offers centralized repository of publicly available scientific, demographic and medical data that can be integrated into AWS cloud-based applications.

Merb Merges with Rails 3

Merged group announces that beta of Rails 3 will debut in May.

New Linux Kernel Released

The developers behind Linux have released the latest version of the open source operating system kernel.

Sun Releases xVM VirtualBox 2.1

Sun Microsystems recently released the latest version of its desktop virtualization software, xVM VirtualBox.

COBOL Eclipsed

Hack your legacy COBOL code on Eclipse and run it on a mainframe rehosting package.

First Look: MySQL 5.1 Open Source Database

The database management system installs easily on Windows and features good documentation, along with SQL help.

First Look: Titanium Software Dev Kit

This command line tool aims to help developers create Web apps that work like desktop ones.

First Look: Lunascape Multiengine Web Browser

This buggy alpha release holds promise as a browser testing tool for Web developers.

Google Addressing Web App Security With 'Native Client'

The search giant is testing the secure execution of Web code natively on x86-based machines.

Open Source Thriving in Enterprise

According to a new survey from business intelligence (BI) specialist Actuate Corp., open source software (OSS) doesn't simply have a token presence in the enterprise; it has truly arrived.

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