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Eclipse Foundation Releases Open-Source Theia IDE

After seven years in development, the Eclipse Foundation's Theia IDE project is now generally available, emerging from beta to challenge Microsoft’s similar Visual Studio Code editor.

Java Retains Strong Position Despite C++ Surge in TIOBE Index for June 2024

The TIOBE Index update for June 2024 revealed significant shifts in the programming landscape, with C++ surpassing C for the first time in history. But Java held its own in fourth place.

Docker's 2024 State of Application Development Report Highlights Key Trends for Developers

Docker, Inc., just publishes its '2024 State of Application Development Report.' This year's edition paints a vivid picture of current trends and challenges derived from the experiences and insights of more than 1,300 developers.

Red Hat Updates OpenShift AI Platform

Red Hat announces updates to its OpenShift AI hybrid AI and machine learning platform built on Red Hat OpenShift.

JetBrains Launches 'Aqua' Test Automation IDE

JetBrains officially launches "Aqua," the first IDE specifically designed for test automation. It's a revolutionary tool aimed at streamlining the testing process for software development teams.

Red Hat OpenShift Now Available on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Red Hat OpenShift is now generally available on Oracle Cloud. This new service is a continuation of the partnership between Red Hat and Oracle, which started with Red Hat Enterprise Linux being certified to run on OCI bare metal and Oracle VMware Cloud Solution workloads.

New MLflow Plugin Directs Artifact Storage to JFrog Artifactory

JFrog announces a new machine learning (ML) lifecycle integration with MLflow, the open-source platform from Databricks.

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JetBrains Rolls Out 2024.1 Updates of its Suite of IDEs

JetBrains announces the 2024.1 update of its suite of IDEs, introducing an advanced full-line autocompletion feature that runs on local AI models.

Google Cloud Unveils Vertex AI Agent Builder for GenAI Agent Development

Google Cloud announces Vertex AI Agent Builder, a new tool that consolidates Vertex AI Search and Conversation products, enhancing the developer's toolbox for generative AI agent development.

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Cloudflare Expands Dev Tools Suite to Simplify Full-stack Management

Cloudflare announces an expansion of its development tools suite, introducing four new products designed to simplify full-stack management for developers.

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Microsoft Teams to See Copilot Enhancements

Microsoft is enhancing user interaction with Copilot in Microsoft Teams, introducing several new features optimized based on user feedback.

Red Hat Launches Developer Hub for Enhanced App Development

Red Hat announces the GA of Red Hat Developer Hub, an enterprise-grade internal developer platform (IDP) based on Backstage.

OpenJS Foundation Announces Availability of Node.js 21

The OpenJS Foundation announces Node.js 21, the latest release line of the open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment and library for running web applications outside the client's browser.

New Zenhub Enterprise Release for On-Prem Teams

Zenhub releases an upgrade of the enterprise edition of its namesake productivity management and collaboration platform for organizations required to host critical data on-prem rather than in the cloud. It's "a brand-new platform experience," the company says, that removes the need for users to have a GitHub account.

Salesforce Unveils Einstein-based AI Dev Assistant

Salesforce expands the reach of its Einstein AI tech with a new developer assistant embedded within its ecosystem. Calling it Einstein Copilot all but standardizes nomenclature originated with GitHub's Copilot

AWS Requires KDP Authors to Disclose AI Generated Content

AWS is now requiring self-publishers on its Kindle platform to disclose whether their uploads are AI-generated. This new requirement unveiled as AWS’s "Addition of AI Questions to KDP Publishing Process."

JetBrains Launches New IDE Designed for Rust Programmers

Dev toolmaker JetBrains has created a new IDE called RustRover designed specifically for the Rust system programming language.

Oracle Unveils GraalOS for Faster Cloud-Native Java Apps

Oracle announces new Java-based deployment tech, GraalOS, that uses the Oracle GraalVM Native Image to run apps as native machine executables to take advantage of the latest features of Arm and Intel processors on Oracle OCI.


Is IBM's Latest Watsonx Release the GenAI Answer to Mainframe Application Modernization?

IBM is set to preview the 'Watsonx Code Assistant for Z,' which is designed to speed up the translation of COBOL to Java on the company's line of z/Architecture mainframes.

Will Microsoft's RWA Pattern for Java Lure Devs to Azure?

Microsoft recently announced the availability of its Reliable Web App Pattern for Java Tomcat--a potentially powerful move to attract more Java developers to its Azure cloud platform.